Financial Aid Sources

70% of UCA students get financial assistance each year.


38% of students receive Pell Grants.

UCA Scholarship Opportunities – UCA provides academic, departmental and performance based scholarships.

The best place to start for information regarding academic scholarships is the Office of Student Financial Aid.  Your admissions application also serves as your scholarship application so NO separate scholarship application is required.  Students admitted by the priority deadline of February 25, 2016, will be considered for  academic scholarships. All scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.

Many departments on campus offer scholarships based on a student’s major. Students are encouraged to contact that department directly.  A list of departments offering scholarships can be found by visiting and clicking on the Departmental and Other University Scholarships link.

Performance scholarships are for participation in particular sports or activities on campus such as the band, choir, cheer and the like. If you are interested in a performance scholarship, you will need to contact the department that coordinates the activity.

Private Sources – Many organizations across the United States provide scholarships and grants to assist students with their college expenses. How do you find out about these monies? The first thing to do is to check with your high school guidance counselor. They are a great resource for community scholarship opportunities. In addition, you should check with local civic and religious organizations as well as some of the larger employers in your community. Your family members may be employed by companies which have established scholarship programs; don’t forget to check with them.

The UCA Foundation endows a number of scholarships and awards them to hundreds of students each year.  Visit the Foundation webpage for more information.

There are also free scholarship search engines with thousands of scholarship opportunities.  Fastweb! provides a nation-wide scholarship database.  Another good resources for Arkansas scholarship opportunities is FundMyFuture.

State Grant and Scholarship Programs  The State of Arkansas funds a number of scholarship, grant and loan programs. They have a YOUniversal application that allows you to apply for over 21 aid programs on one simple application.

Find out more about the state programs available to students by visiting the Arkansas Department of Higher Education’s webpage.

Federal Financial Aid Programs  The federal government provides the vast majority of funds awarded to students. There are grant, loan and work-study programs. To apply for all of the programs, the student must begin with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once completed, the student is sent a response and UCA is sent an electronic record. This record allows UCA to begin determining what other documentation is needed and the type and amount of funds the student is eligible to receive. You can begin by going to and completing your application.