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Teaching Free Enterprise

The Teaching Free Enterprise content collection was developed in partnership with ACRE, Economics Arkansas, and the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom at Southern Methodist University (SMU.) These topics-based lesson plans and activities are perfect for incorporating into larger social studies units that need more activities or discussion options.

Personal Financial Management

In 2017, the Arkansas state economics standards were updated to incorporate additional personal finance standards into the subject. Modules from this unit provide a guide for how to incorporate these standards into the economics classroom as well as lesson plans, hands-on activities, and discussion prompts to help teachers discuss these ideas with their students.

Economic History

In Arkansas, licensed social studies educators can be found teaching several different social studies courses in a single school year: US & World History, Civics, Geography, Economics, and more. Curriculum that covers standards and learning objectives across these subjects can be useful to teachers who are looking to incorporate more interdisciplinary topics into the courses they teach or to team-teach topics across classrooms with other social studies educators. This curriculum was designed to provide teachers with resources for teaching about economic events in their history, civics, and government classes. These units can be embedded into existing history, civics, and government units to incorporate economic topics or used in economics classes to present historical case studies of economics in action. Each unit includes full lesson plans with background information, primary source and research activities, hands-on games, and AMI alternatives for teaching outside the classroom.

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