Define Your Personal Brand Challenge

What is a personal brand? Do you know how to market yourself? Would someone want to invest in your brand? This spring, Biz@Bear Hall students have the opportunity to answer these questions as they work to develop their personal brand by participating in a variety of activities and events.

Students can from multiple activities and earn points toward prizes. Because different activities are worth different amounts, students have the freedom to choosing ones that fit their abilities and interests. Prizes will be awarded to students for doing activities quickly, doing many activities, or doing high value activities very well. While some students will be participating as part of their coursework, all Biz@Bear students are welcome to participate and earn prizes.


First three people to hit 150 points – $50 gift cards

Top 3 MakerSpace personal brand objects – $50 gift card

Top 3 Clifton Strengths Assessment reflections – $50 gift card

Top 3 “This is Capitalism” personal brand essay – $50 gift card

Top 3 Personal Brand Presentations – $100 gift card

Top 3 high scorers overall – $100 gift card

Upcoming Opportunities:

April 16, 2019 
Personal Brand Presentation Day
X-Period (1:40 – 2:30pm)
Bear Hall Room 106

At the Personal Brand Presentation Day, students will give short presentations about the work they did throughout the semester to develop their personal brands. The top three presenters at this event will be awarded a $100 gift card! To sign up to participate, click here!

Want to learn all the ways to earn participation points? Click here for the full list!

*Award stipulations: Because of UCA rules, students who are currently working for the university or who are spouses of UCA employees are not eligible to receive gift cards. If this will impact your participation, please let Dr. Mosely know.

This program is cosponsored by the Biz@Bear Residential College and the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics.