Biz@Bear Jamboree

Are you an Arkansas High School Junior or Senior

interested in business or economics?


On July 24, 2021, students from El Dorado High School, Ozark High School, Prairie Grove High School, and Parkview Magnet High School attended the first ever Biz@Bear Jamboree, a day-long summer program for high school students interested in learning more about business majors, college opportunities, and more. Students participated in a variety of activities throughout the day; a reading discussion with an economics professor, a tour of the UCA Makerspace, and a networking panel with faculty from across the College of Business who shared information about their programs of study, scholarship & career opportunities, and their personal experiences and interests.


The next Biz@Bear Jamboree is tentatively scheduled for early June 2022. Educators interested in recommending their students or students interested in learning more can reach out to Program Coordinator Terra Aquia at with questions and comments.


This event at the UCA campus is sponsored by the Arkansas Center for Research in Economics and the Biz@Bear Residential College.