Writing Major • Track 1 • Professional Writing (PW)

The Professional Writing track is designed to give students theoretical and practical experience in developing communication that works, that is to say, communication that people use (to make decisions, to get work done, to get information, etc.) such as social media, Web sites, white papers, training materials, reports, and proposals for a 21st century audience.

Today's economy runs on information, and it is abundant. The downside is that much of it is highly complex, and most of us contend with information overload. Professional writers specialize in turning data into usable information. We translate complex data so people can use it, and we design information so that it can be used quickly and easily. As you can imagine, these skills are essential to every organization.

Professional writers turn this kind of information overload

pile of papers

Source: 123RF Stock Photo. Copyright 2013 by Pogonici. Reprinted with permission.


into information such as the following that can be used quickly and easily.


Source: 123 Stock Photo. Copyright 2013. Reprinted with permission.

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