Professional Writing Course Descriptions

What follows is information about courses in the Writing major, Professional Writing track beyond the
Undergraduate Bulletin descriptions.

WRTG 2325 Introduction to Rhetoric

Learn what famous rhetoricians from Plato to Derrida taught about the ways we can use
language to persuade those around us. We won't stop at theory. We will put rhetorical theories
into practice through a digital or print genre of your choosing.

WRTG 3305 Writing for Digital Media I

Study visual rhetoric and digital document design theories and put them into practice through
a variety of genres such as narrated tutorials, visualizations, Web sites, and online

WRTG 3306 Writing for Digital Media II

Y UX? Because user eXperience matters. It’s how readers respond to professional texts.
Active? Functional? Meaningful? Fluid? What do these tags on quality writing mean, anyway?
Learn this and more as your digital projects face UX principles in this intermediate course on
usability and accessibility for real-world, community-oriented projects.

WRTG 3307 Introduction to Editing

Practice working with writers at two levels: 1. Comprehensive editing includes working with a writer to analyze audience and purpose as well as nailing down other global issues such as focus, organization, and development. 2. Basic copyediting involves working with writers as they polish their work at the sentence level. Learn both copyediting for print and electronic mark-up.

WRTG 3310 Technical Writing

Welcome to the most practical writing course you will ever take. If you plan to get a job that requires a college degree, you will write for that job...a lot. What you write, however, won't be dry or boring, however. Jobs that require a college degree demand people who can write to get work done, who can get ideas in front of decision-makers, who can convey, change, or expand the organization’s vision. And people in such jobs want to build a professional, credible, I'm-highly-promotable identity. Become that person. And more. Much more.

WRTG 3390 Discourse Analysis

Have you ever wanted to write an article for National Geographic? Or maybe you would like to learn more about science writing? Learn strategies for analyzing specific genres for the purpose of replicating them effectively for yourself.

WRTG 4305 Contemporary Composition

Ever encountered the dogmatic "it's always been done this way"? Become better equipped to
join the conversation about composition by exploring current theories, issues, and debates
concerning both the processes of writing and the teaching of writing in the classroom. Great
preparation for our teaching assistantships!

WRTG 4306 Writing for Digital Media III

Building on the theoretical and practical work undertaken in Writing for Digital Media II,
students work with an organization in the community to develop one or more substantial
multi-modal digital texts for that organization. Students leave the course with portfolio items
and connections to writers in the community.

WRTG 4307 Practical Rhetoric

Have you ever wondered what kind of writing occurs in the workplace? Have you ever wanted
experience the life of writers in various kinds of organizations, corporate, non-profit, and
educational? If so, this is the course for you.

WRTG 4308 Writing for Change

Want to make a difference in the world? Do it through your writing! You can be an advocate
in the world of non-governmental organizations and non-profits while honing your skills as a
blogger, a grant writer, and much more. Students in this class will research non-profit
organizations and create projects to support them.

WRTG 4309 Introduction to Publishing

Spend a semester exploring the technological wizardry of translating texts to the printed page
or digital screen. Learn the language of printers as you delve into the world of publishing
and become skilled at manipulating applications that not only deliver texts into readers' hands
but compel a page turn or a mouse click.

WRTG 4320 Seminar in Rhetoric and Cross Cultural

Popular culture? Think East and South Asian serial dramas, cuisine, gaming, animation, and
tourism campaigns! Politics? Think propaganda! Think protest! Grassroots projects? Think
ecotourism, human rights, and urban/rural development. The possibilities are many in this
course where we study and use intercultural rhetoric in posters, signs, booklets, flyers and
other media for global and local settings.