inKwire, The Academic Writing and Research Writing Competition

INKwire is a First-Year Writing competition held every year among First-Year students enrolled in Writing 1320.

By the fountain (1)Entries will be reviewed by a panel of Writing Department faculty. The first, second, and third place winners will be showcased on the inKwire web page.

1st place award of $100 UCA Bookstore gift certificate
2nd place award of $75 UCA Bookstore gift certificate
3rd place award of $50
 UCA Bookstore gift certificate

General Eligibility:
A contestant must be currently enrolled in (or else must have previously taken and passed) an Academic Writing & Research class during the 2015-2016 academic year. ALL entries MUST be submitted online, via the online submission form below,  by no later than 12:00 p.m., Friday, 8th April 2016. Only one entry may be submitted by an individual; entries must be written for an Academic Writing & Research 1320 assignment. Entries cannot be works from a previous publication, or previously submitted for any other writing competition.

To be considered, submitted papers must range from 5-7 pages (not including the required list of references). Papers must conform entirely to either MLA or APA style. This requirement pertains to all in-text citations and accompanying lists of references. Using MLA style, writers refer to such lists as "Works Cited." Alternatively, in APA style, writers term such lists "References." Please note, papers falling short of the 5-page minimum length will not be considered. Papers exceeding the 7-page maximum length are not recommended but will be left to the judges' discretion.

Winning Entries:
Winning entries will be notified via UCA email.

The judges will be Writing Department faculty.  The decisions of the judges are final.

The main characteristic of the winning essay will be that its original and convincing main point reaches the reader in an unusual and striking way—sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph. The winning essay will be marked by a definite style and a strong voice: the title and the opening paragraph are designed to catch the reader's attention, the paragraphs flow smoothly into one another, wording is tight and fresh, sentence structure is varied, the tone enhances the development of the idea, and abstract ideas are developed with concrete examples. Sources, where needed, are used deftly and never overwhelm the writer’s voice. The winning essay will give a feeling of completeness and clarity. It will leave the reader feeling bright, thoroughly satisfied, and inspired enough to re-read and savor the piece.

The University of Central Arkansas assumes no responsibility for lost, misdirected, stolen entries, or printing errors in the final publication. All physical entries become the property of UCA without infringement on the copyrights of the entrants.  Entries will be screened for proper submission procedures and will be rejected if they do not meet the general eligibility or the specific entry requirements.

2014 Winners
First Place: Christina Jackson "Dignity and Personal Experience: Why Nothing to Fear/Nothing to Hide Doesn’t Work"
Brooke Uttley "Recreational Marijuana Landing in Arkansas"
Bryce Woods "Food Insecurity"

2015 Winners
First Place: Kaji-Rai Duncan "Defining the American Dream"
Second Place: Metu-Osele "USA is Not Friends with "Black Africa"
Third Place: Kahyla Williamson "To Do or Not to Do"

2016 Winners
First Place:Kimberly Manriquez "The Power of Words and Listening to the Real Politics"
Second Place: Jules Merguie "It’s the End of Communication as We Know It"
Third Place: Andrew Stone "Clinton vs. Sanders: Battle for the Black Vote"


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