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Ramón Escamilla, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Linguistics

Thompson Hall 323

(501) 450-5607



Ph.D., Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley

M.A., Linguistics, U.C. Berkeley

B.A., Japanese, U.C. Berkeley

American Translators Association Certified Translator (CT; Japanese to English; #459030)


Research interests:

Native California, sociolinguistics (esp. ethnography and CDA), functional-typological syntax and morphology; TESOL; Japanese



Courses designed and taught/teaching:

LING 4355, Special Topics: Cognitive Linguistics and TESOL (approved for 2015)

LING 2350, World Languages (typology; 7 sections)

LING 4370, Field Methods in Linguistics (Kazakh, Rwanda, Lao; 3 sections)

LING 4360, Historical Linguistics and Language Change (1 section)

LING 4345, Analytical Methods of Morphology and Syntax (2 sections)

LING 3325, Sociolinguistics (2 sections)

Courses taught following existing curricula:

LING 1310, Language, Culture, and Society (linguistic anthropology; 1 section)

LING 4350, Phonology (1 section)

IEP 1238, Level 4 Academic Grammar (ESL; 1 section)

IEP 1229, Level 5 Academic Writing (ESL; 1 section)



Hupa [hup] (California Athabaskan; 2007-present)

Andoa [anb] (Zaparoan; Peru; 2009)


Elicitation work:

Chungli Ao [njo] (Tibeto-Burman; California; 2008-2011)

Lotha [njh] (Tibeto-Burman; California; 2012-present)

Kazakh [kaz] (Turkic; Arkansas; 2012)

Kinyarwanda [kin] (Bantu; Arkansas; 2013)

Lao [lao] (Tai-Kadai; Arkansas; 2014)


Recent publications:

Submitted Nov 2014. “Lexical causativity revisited: material destruction events in Hupa (California Athabaskan).” [peer-reviewed journal]

Under revision. "Prototypical causative constructions? An empirical test of Dixon (2000)." Frames and Constructions. [peer-reviewed journal article]

To appear. "A preliminary semantics and morphosyntactic typology of Chungli Ao descriptions of cutting and breaking (C&B) events." Indian Linguistics. [peer-reviewed journal article]

To appear. "Causative constructions in two Naga languages." Southern Journal of Linguistics. Fall 2014. [peer-reviewed journal article]

2013.  "Discriminatory discursive strategies used by the Japanese mainstream news media in the representation of resident foreign nationals: a Critical Discourse Analysis-based examination.” In Critical and Corpus-Based Approaches to Intercultural Rhetoric, Gayle Nelson and Diane Belcher, eds. University of Michigan Press. [refereed book chapter]

2012. “The syntactic causative construction in Hupa (California Athabaskan).” Rice Working Papers in Linguistics, Vol. 3. [peer-reviewed working paper]

2012. With Lindsey Newbold: “Notes on the structure of the Hupa personal narrative.” Alaska Native Language Center Working Papers (2012). [refereed proceedings paper]

2012. With Sarah Berson, Alex Bratkievich, Daniel Bruhn, Amy Campbell, Allegra Giovine, Lindsey Newbold, Marta Piqueras-Brunet, & Russell Rhomieux, eds. Proceedings of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Linguistics Society. [co-edited volume]

2011. With Amy Campbell, Kayla Carpenter, Andrew Garrett, Lindsey Newbold, Anne Pycha, and Justin Spence (eds.). “Hupa Language Dictionary and Texts.” [multimedia]

2009. With Lev Michael, Christine Beier, and Marta Piqueras-Brunet. Katsakáti. El idioma antiguo del pueblo de Andoas. Iquitos, Peru.          [community volume]