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The Department of Writing offers Degrees and Programs in: Writing, Creative Writing, and an MFA in Creative Writing.


Welcome to the Writing major at the University of Central Arkansas.  We look forward to working with you over the course of an exciting four years.  Within the Writing major, students can choose one of two tracks: 1) Professional Writing and 2) General Writing.

Professional Writing: The Professional Writing track is designed to give students theoretical and practical experience in information design. Professional writers take complex information and information overload and design it so that it is usable quickly and easily (examples). This track provides substantive and numerous opportunities to work with community partners in designing and creating written products for print and digital delivery using the latest tools. As a result, students leave this track with a solid record of experience as writers and designers evidenced by important connections in the community and a portfolio of work. This track prepares students for jobs in editing and publishing, professional and technical writing, grant writing, developing training materials, coordinating social media, designing and writing content for Web sites, speechwriting, magazine writing and advertising. Students will also be prepared for graduate study in professional writing, rhetoric, composition studies, law, journalism, business and education.

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General Writing: The strength of the General Writing track is its breadth. Students in this track will take 36 hours of writing classes in rhetoric, composition, creative writing, linguistics, and professional writing. As a result, students will leave the program with a solid interdisciplinary understanding of the field of writing, including its creative, scientific, and professional aspects. Our recent graduates include a campaign communications advisor, the founder of an arts academy, a legislative assistant, a research analyst, teachers of English as a second language, a music columnist, and many have gone to graduate school in law, linguistics, creative writing, rhetoric, TESOL, English, journalism and education.

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The 36-hour Creative Writing major is designed for creative writers, professional writers, future educators, pre-professional students, editors, publishers, journalists, technical writers, media studies students, students in the fine arts, and students intending to continue to graduate school in creative writing, linguistics, education, composition, rhetoric, journalism, media, and English.  The primary focus of the degree is to prepare students for careers in a workplace that is information-rich and that increasingly values communication skills and the ability to think creatively and critically.

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The Professional Writing minor provides a 24 hour focus on information design. This track provides substantive and numerous opportunities to work with community partners in designing and creating written products for print and digital delivery using the latest tools. The Professional Writing minor would be a good complement to any major, but perhaps especially to those majoring in fields that will require a great deal of writing in the workplace such as reports, proposals, software documentation and other kinds of instructions, social media, policies, and procedures.

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The General Writing minor allows students to sample courses from each area in the Writing Program: Creative Writing, Linguistics, Professional Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition. The Writing minor reinforces a primary course of study in English, speech, or philosophy; complements science or business majors; gives education majors an understanding of writing pedagogy; allows students to pursue an interest in professional, technical, or creative writing; and prepares students to create software documentation and manuals.

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The 24-hour Creative Writing minor augments a primary course of study in English, composition, rhetoric, journalism, or speech; complements business majors or students pursuing careers in the fine arts; provides education majors a comprehension of creative writing pedagogy; allows students to explore an interest in creative and professional writing; and prepares students to publish and edit documents using a variety of media.

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