Understanding China

Beyond the Economic Miracle of the Past 20 Years

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Time: 6PM – 8PM

Location: College of Business Room 107




Dr. Jeff Allender and Dr. Roger Pauly will lead this lecture and discussion on Understanding China.

Almost all the current news on China is about their rapid economic growth and ascension towards becoming a world superpower, both economically and militarily.  This is often presented as if it was a complete surprise to the West or is a major threat to our existence. Through an interdisciplinary approach combining history, geography,
culture, and natural resources, we will show how China came to their current situation, and what their strengths and weaknesses are that will unfold in the future.  We will also show their similarities and
differences with America’s similar ascension to power a century ago.



Dr. Jeff Allender
Dr. Roger Pauly

Workshop Topic:

·Understanding the disastrous history of Western / Chinese relations throughout
the past centuries and why that haunts US-Chinese relations to this day

·Analyzing the major differences between Chinese and Western cultures
and how this produces different global perspectives

·Showing how their economic advancement is in many ways playing the
“capitalist game” we in the west created, but just playing it better than we do

·Discussing the relationship between various groups within China and
their relationship  with the government

·Looking at their international relations and resource base to predict how
they will do in the future

·Discussing what their future relations with the US might be.

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Interested individuals on US / China  relations; Economics, Culture, Government

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