Minds & Machines: Artificial Intelligence

The possibility of Artificial Intelligence and What It Reveals About the Human Mind 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center

6 pm – 8 pm




Can machines think? Could a robot achieve consciousness? Should we welcome some possibilities, or might they bring about undesirable consequences for human life?  Might we ourselves be understood as machines, with our brains being biological computers programmed by a combination of genetics and social influence?
These intriguing questions emerge from the idea of artificial intelligence, as not only a hypothetical possibility in some distant sci-fi future but also an increasingly real prospect with currently emerging developments in science and technology.  The purpose of this project is to introduce and critically assess the possibility of
artificial intelligence, while also looking at what artificial intelligence implies about us as human beings.
This workshop will offer multiple perspectives on artificial intelligence and facilitate active discussion on
the topic among participants.


Workshop Topic(s):
·Artificial Intelligence
·Human Nature

For More Information About the Topic, Please Contact:

Dr. Jesse Butler
University of Central Arkansas
Harrin Hall, 224
Conway, AR  72035

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who might have interest in the topic of artificial intelligence
whether it is a hopeful perspective on the possibility of artificial
intelligence, a fearful concern with taking technology too far or
skepticism concerning artificial intelligence itself.

Cost: This event is FREE to you.

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