Health Promotions

While all aspects of wellness are important, Physical Wellness plays a critical role because it so deeply affects all other Dimensions of Wellness and collegiate life. Therefore, we pay special attention to Physical Wellness with our Health Promotions services area and staff.

Through numerous educational events each year we strive to create conditions at UCA where negative health behaviors are less likely to occur and students are more likely to make positive choices.

Educational events and healthy alternative activities are held each semester and are free to the UCA community.

Examples of our events include:

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness Week
  • Great American Smokeout
  • Healthy Weight Week
  • Heart Health Presentations
  • Safe Spring Break Programming
  • Nutrition and Fitness Programs
  • Distracted Driving Prevention
  • STD Awareness Campaigns
  • Stress Management Campaigns
  • World Aids Day
  • National Hand Washing Awareness
  • Wellness Fair
  • And many more..


Ongoing community assessments and educational programs are developed, implemented and evaluated each year to better serve the UCA community needs.

Other available resources include:

  • University Dietician’s Office
  • Private relaxation room with a massage lounger
  • Health information materials such as pamphlets, brochures, and books.