Dimensions of Wellness

well·ness \wel-n s\

1. an interactive process of becoming aware of and practicing strategies to create a more successful and balanced lifestyle.

2. the quality or state of being in good physical, mental and emotional health, especially concerning balance.


In 1976 Dr. Bill Hettler released his research that was to become the Six Dimensions of Wellness model. Those dimensions were intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, occupational, and physical. By balancing these six dimensions and actively seeking to improve them, he believed individuals could improve their overall well-being.

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In the years since Dr. Hettler first developed his model schools, organizations, and businesses of all types have adopted and tailored them to fit their unique situation. Student Wellness & Development operates based on Five Dimensions of Wellness. We feel that within the collegiate lifestyle these are the areas where our time and resources are most appropriately spent. After all, your time on a college campus will be unique to the rest of your life and we are here to help.

UCA’s Five Dimension of Wellness:

  • Physical – Taking care of your physical health.
  • Emotional – Exploring your intellect and understanding of a healthy range of emotions.
  • Social – Participating in positive social relationships including friends, family and community.
  • Spiritual – Exploring meaning and purpose in your life to help in development of sense of self.
  • Intellectual – Stimulating mental activities that expand a person’s knowledge and skills both in the classroom and beyond.