Calendar of Events

Events for the 2017-2018 academic year will be added soon!

August 2016
14th – 17th – Alcohol Awareness Media Campaign
16th – Carnival Night (Sexual Assault Awareness program)

12th & 14th – Sleep Well, Do Well Program
19th – 30th – Designated Driver Campaign
21st & 28th – Designated Driver Program

3rd – 6th – Alcohol Awareness Week
3rd – “Don’t Drink and Drive” Pledge Day
5th – Make SMART Choices Program (Alcohol Awareness)
17th – 20th – Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Week
18th – Speaker 1: Prescription Drug Abuse Speaker Series
19th – Speaker 2 and 3: Prescription Drug Abuse Speaker Series
19th – Prescription Drug Abuse Program
3rd – 31st – Get Yourself Tested (GYT) Campaign for STD Awareness

2nd – Dimensions of Wellness Program
16th – Holiday Nutrition Program

January 2017
23rd – Healthy Weight Week Program

15th – Violence Prevention Program
20th – 28th – Designated Driver Campaign
21st – Prescription Drug Abuse Program and Presentation
22nd – Designated Driver Program
28th – Dimensions of Wellness Presentation

1st – Dimensions of Wellness Program
6th – 9th – Safe Spring Break Week
6th – Safe Spring Break Fair
8th – Fatal Vision Pedal Cart Course
29th – Financial Wellness Program

5th – UCA Wellness Fair
11th & 12th – Stress Less for Success Program
3rd – 28th – Get Yourself Tested (GYT) Campaign for STD Awareness


Topics Covered: Alcohol, Drugs, Driving Under the Influence, Violence, Healthy Eating, Exercising, Stress Management, Finances, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Bystander Intervention, Healthy Sleep, Heart Health, Cancer, and Sexual Assault.