Website Conversions

LCMS officially dies October 1, 2012.

Current LCMS users,

As you know, working with LCMS is arduous at best.  From the JAVA requirements to bad requests to slow rendering of navigation, at times, it seems the patience of Job is needed to update your websites.

There have been rumors of the demise of LCMS for several years. Because of this, for the last year and a half, we have been researching the possibility of moving to WordPress as a CMS.

This year, we have successfully converted UCA’s news site to WordPress as well as a majority of the upper levels of the university’s website.

We are excited about the opportunities that the conversion brings in way of converting sites, new development and improved training methods.

Last month, SungardHE announced they: “will no longer be providing support for Luminis Content Management Suite (LCMS) as of October 1, 2012. After researching customer web content management system (cms) needs, and examining adoption and use of LCMS by our customers, we decided to discontinue support in order to use our resources as efficiently as we can within the Banner Digital Campus.”

In addition, it is important to note that “this action does not affect portal, integration, or other non-LCMS components within Luminis products or SunGard Higher Education offerings.”

Following SungardHE’s announcement, we decided to move full speed ahead with site conversions.  We are currently working with the college of natural sciences and mathematics with conversion of their department wesites.

We will soon begin evaluating all websites within all colleges.  After prioritizing them, we (web development) will begin converting each department site to WordPress – you are NOT expected to do this. You will be contacted as your specific website is up for conversion.  Upon conversion, we will provide one-on-one training. At this time, you will once again start maintaining your own site.

This conversion will be a systematic process. We are currently developing training materials and updating our own website in preparation for the conversion and better market Web Development services to the UCA community.We are still in the process of putting together training materials and preparing our own website to better market and promote our services to the UCA community.

In the meantime, continue to update your websites using LCMS.