Job Board

Over the years, we’ve seen the need for an easy to manage job board for the university.  One of our main goals in 2012 is to officially launch this project.

With the job board, we hope to offer:

  • Unlimited number of job types (categories).
  • Optimize the job board for search engines.
  • Use eMail templates to send automatic personalized eMails to job posters.
  • Customized listing types.
  • Create job types – We realize that fulltime and parttime jobs are not enough. We plan to offer the ability to create and remove job types as needed.
  • Configure fields visibility – You decide which fields are required, which are optional and which job poster will not see at all.
  • Provide WordPress widgets that will help departments blend the job board into their website.
  • Allow clients to browse jobs category, by job type and to do a custom search.

Thanks to WordPress and its vast array of plugins, we already have the foundation in place to begin this awesome project.