Chemistry Waiting List Form

Chemistry Waiting List Form

Thank you for your interest in Chemistry at UCA!

1. By including second and third choices on your form, you are more likely to be added to a closed section.

2. We encourage you to enroll in an open section since we cannot guarantee that you will get the requested, closed section.

3. Check your e-mail regularly (at the e-mail address listed on your form) for updates from us.

4. If adding you to the requested section puts you over the 18-hour limit, or if you have a registration hold or scheduling conflict, we will contact you by e-mail. Please respond promptly or your seat might be given to another student.

5. By completing this form, you give us your permission to add you to any of the sections that you have listed on the form.

6. Waiting list forms must be submitted prior to the first day of classes.

7. If you have problems with the form or would like to ask about the status of your request, call 852-8282, stop by Laney 205, or contact Christy, our Administrative Specialist, at

Robert F. Mauldin, Ph.D.