UNIV 1330 - Beginning Algebra

Undergraduate Bulletin Course Description

This course introduces students to fundamental algebraic concepts in preparation for Intermediate Algebra. Concepts covered include word problems, fractions, graphing, linear equations and inequalities, factoring, operations with real numbers, and polynomials. Lecture and activity based instruction. Entering students with an ACT score below 19 in Math are required to register for this course or UNIV 1340 Intermediate Algebra during their first enrollment period.  Once enrolled, students must enroll in UNIV 1330 during each subsequent enrollment period until they earn a course grade of C or higher, after which they must enroll in UNIV 1340 the following semester. Students enrolling in this course may have only three total attempts between this course and UNIV 1340 to complete their remediation requirements in Math. The grade in this course will not  be used to compute semester and cumulative grade point averages. The course does not count toward any degree. Fall, Spring, Summer.

Students are required to pass this course with a grade of "C" or higher.

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