Archive of UCA Undergraduate Bulletins: Use these links to access issues of the UCA Undergraduate Bulletin (UBulletin) published before 2012; issues published 2012 and after remain live for at least six years, but an archive file is posted here as well.

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Archived UBulletins

1996-1998 (767 KB; filename: ub19961998.pdf)

1998-2000 (1.4 MB; filename: ub19982000.pdf)

2000-2002 (711 KB; filename: ub20002002.pdf)

2002-2004 (1.37 MB; filename: ub20022004.pdf)

2004-2006 (1.6 MB; filename: ub20042006.pdf)

2006-2008 (1.6 MB; filename: ub20062008.pdf)

2008-2010 (1.18 MB; filename: ub20082010.pdf)

2010-2012 (1.3 MB; filename: ub20102012.pdf)

Beginning with the 2012-2013 issue of the Undergraduate Bulletin, archives cover a single academic year.

2012-2013 (1.82 MB; filename: ubulletin20122013.pdf)

2013-2014 (2.18 MB; filename: ubulletin20132014.pdf)