Computer Based Training

Education Seminar Online Opportunities

Online Training Seminars

Employees will receive an e-mail in August from UCA’s online seminar training vendor –Workplace Answers – with the necessary links to access the online training seminars. The required courses will be marked with a (#). Notification e-mails will be sent monthly to remind employees to complete the trainings. Once training is complete, please disregard & delete future e-mails.

You have the option of completing Workplace Harassment and Diversity on-site or online. Title IX and Child Abuse Awareness/Prevention must be completed online.

All records of on-site and online participation will be kept in the Offices of Human Resources and University Training.

Additional ‘Optional’ Online Offerings

Additional optional training seminars are available for employees. The links will be included in the employee’s e-mail. It will be up to each Department Head/Supervisor as to whether these additional trainings are required. These online optional trainings (NOT required by the University) are for any employee to participate in and can be accessed multiple times. They are:

  • Code of Conduct for Higher Education
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Conflict Resolution
  • FERPA for Higher Education
  • Identity Theft Red Flags
  • Security Basics
  • Interviewing for Higher Education Hiring Committees
  • Performance Evaluation