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The complete Graphic Identity Standards Guide is also available in PDF format.

Box Window Background

When the UCA box window logo is used on a colored background, a white box MUST be behind the logo. The only exception is engraving or on one color printing on promotional items.

Campus Identity Program

The following are examples of banners and other items on campus that are part of our campus identity program.

Correct Logo Usage Examples

Below are several examples of correct logo usage.

If the words “University of Central Arkansas” are used as the only identifier, the wordmark should be used.

When placing the logo on a colored background or photo, the white box MUST be behind the logo to ensure optimum readability. The TM symbol should also be reversed.

When placing the logo mark with wordmark on a background photo, the wording may be reversed out according to readability.

In some cases, it may be design appropriate to typeset “University of Central Arkansas” or “UCA” in a specific style of font. However, when doing this, an official logo must also be used as a university identifier.

Distribution of Marks

Official university marks are not to be shared, forwarded or distributed without permission.

Get Rid of Those Old Logos

You should delete any existing logo files you may have; they are incorrect and not official marks. You may only use the official logos available by request.

How do I request a logo?

To request an official logo – including those for colleges, administrative divisions, departments, offices, centers, and other officially recognized units, please fill out this logo request form.

Incorrect Logo Usage Examples

In order to maintain the integrity of the UCA logo, it should not be redrawn, reproduced or modified in any way; this includes shading, beveling, rotating, turning or inverting the logo. The shape, size and color of the typeface should also never be altered. Please do not use the logo in a manner that damages its ability to clearly and consistently represent the university.

Media Backdrop

An official media backdrop is available for use. Do not create your own backdrop for press conferences or other media events.

Minimum Clear Area (Print)

When using the logo, be sure to leave adequate space around the logo. Give at least 1/8″ around the outside border of the logo.

Minimum Size (Print)

The box portion of the logo must not be smaller than 3/4″ tall.


The official name is “University of Central Arkansas.”

It must always be spelled out with no abbreviations.

When “the” is used before the name of the university, it should be lowercase, unless beginning a sentence.

The only acceptable variation in use is “UCA“.

The only acceptable variation in use is “UCA”. There are no periods between letters. Use only after the official name has been established.

Ordering Official Stationery

You may not create your own letterhead, envelopes or business cards. You must order official stationery through UCA’s purchasing system.

Print Special Cases

In some cases, it may be design appropriate to typeset “University of Central Arkansas” or “UCA” in a specific style of font. However, when doing this, an official logo must also be used as a university identifier.

Spirit Marks for Non-Athletic Use

The only permitted exceptions include the use of the “Bear Head” or “Bear Paw” as spirit marks by university units with permission.

University Mission

The University of Central Arkansas aspires to be a premiere learner-focused public comprehensive university, a nationally recognized leader for its continuous record of excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, scholarly and creative endeavors, and engagement with local, national, and global communities.

University Seal

The institutional logo (UCA Window Logo) is the primary logo for the university and is the preferred mark for the majority of university logo presentations.

The university seal is for official use only and intended for formal displays and applications such as transcripts, diplomas and legal documents. Official approval required for use.

University Vision

The University of Central Arkansas, a leader in 21st-century higher education, is committed to excellence through the delivery of outstanding undergraduate and graduate education that remains current and responsive to the diverse needs of those it serves. The university’s faculty and staff promote the intellectual, professional, social, and personal development of its students through innovations in learning, scholarship, and creative endeavors. Students, faculty, and staff partner to create strong engagement with the local, national, and global communities. The University of Central Arkansas dedicates itself to academic vitality, integrity, and diversity.