TLC Lab Reservation Policy

The College of Education (COE) has one computer lab, located in Mashburn Room 101.  It is referred to as the TLC Lab due to its proximity to the Technology Learning Center (TLC).  The TLC Lab is primarily used by faculty teaching COE technology courses and faculty in the Professional Education Unit (PEU) needing a computer lab.

The TLC Lab reservation policy is as follows:

  • EDUC 4210 courses have first priority, as the course is held in the lab.
  • PEU/COE faculty has second-level priority and should reserve the lab as far in advance as possible.
  • Non-PEU/COE faculty can reserve the TLC lab within two weeks of the scheduled lab date.  We are not able to give non-PEU/COE faculty priority due to the limited availability of the lab.  We recommend using the Room Reservation Form found at the bottom of the following IT website: