Office of Testing Accommodations

Exam Scheduling

  • The new scheduling system is available for use. This is the same online system used to request your accommodations. Go to myDRC Online Login, use your UCA login information, and click on “Accessible Testing”. From there you should be able to schedule your exams.
  • For more information regarding testing services from the Office of Testing Accommodations please call 501-450-5404. The Testing location is Torreyson West Room 314.

Exam Uploading

For more information regarding the testing services from the Office of Testing Accommodations, please call 501-450-5404.

We have exciting news to share! We have a new software that will help us manage our testing accommodations. The software should be more user friendly making it easier for you to identify your students, clarify your parameters for testing, and upload your exams.

  • A new updated Testing Contract has been created. All instructors will need to complete this updated version, even the few of you who have already completed the first testing contract. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. These forms are designed for you to complete once per semester to communicate what the instructions are for your exams.
  • In order to upload an exam, you will first need to complete an Testing Contract. You should have, or will receive a Faculty Notification Letter (replacing the printed former Accommodation Letters), that will contain a link to the Testing Contract.
  • Please fill out the Testing Contract for each course. If you change any instructions throughout the term for different exams, you can update these instructions, or include them with the exam upload.
  • Once you have filled out the Testing Contract, students will now be able to schedule exams. Once an exam is scheduled you will get a notification via email, as you did with the previous system. This email should contain a link for you to upload the exams.
  • Upload exam through the DRC online services “myDRC Online Login”

If you have any questions or concerns please call Amanda Foreman: 501-450-5404.