Field Experiences Resources

The following links provide access to the most updated versions of lesson planning and lesson reflection forms used by candidates (students) in the UCA Middle Level program.  In their core education courses, middle level students learn about the lesson and reflection forms, as well as the Arkansas Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS).  During candidates' last academic year before graduation, they use these forms for lesson planning and reflection during their internships and receive evaluative feedback to improve their instructional skills.  The lesson and evaluation forms used by the middle level program adhere to the same standards of instructional quality and leadership as those expected of all Arkansas teachers.


Internship Information

Internship II 2014 Fall Calendar

Internship II 2015 Calendar

Informational meeting announcement



Absence Form


Lesson Plan Forms and Templates

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan – Guided Version - Revised Oct 2014

Lesson Plan (Social Studies)

Lesson Plan Analysis

Lesson Plan Analysis Guide

Lesson Reflection

Lesson Reflection Guide

UCA Secondary Education Professional Reflection - to be used at mid-semester checkpoint and at end of term

TESS Orientation Guide


Video Lesson Resources

Formative Observation Form

Videotaped Consent Form

TESS Orientation Guide

Self-Scoring Rubric - Domains 1 & 4

Self-Scoring Rubric - Domains 2 & 3


Assignment Resources

Teacher Candidate Information Form

Internship II Lesson Observation Log

Formative Observation Note Taking Guide

Professional Development Plan

Professional Development Plan I and II (new forms - Fall 2014)

Guidance and Behavior Plan Project Description

Unit Plan

Impact on Student Learning Assignment

Impact on Student Learning Rubric

Impact on Student Learning Data Template

Impact on Student Learning Walk-Thru Video

ELL Field Experience - Assignment and Reflection

Field Experience Attendance Form



Philosophy of Education Rubric - Fall 2014

Unit Plan Rubric - Fall 2014

Impact on Student Learning Rubric - Fall 2014

Guidance and Behavior Plan Rubric - Fall 2014

Professional Development Plan Rubric - Fall 2014

Observation Log Rubric - Fall 2014



Additional Forms and Resources


Early Field Handbook Fall 2012


UCA Field Experience Attendance and Evaluation Form Internship I


UCA Field Experience Attendance and Evaluation Form

UCA Field Experience Attendance ELL

Chalk and Wire Orientation


Background Checks

OCS Background Checks Information