Amy Thompson

Clinical Instructor / Field Instructor for MAT

Mashburn 104B

(501) 852-0891

Educational Background

University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Masters in Reading Education, 2004
University of Central Arkansas, BSE in Elementary Education, 1999

Teaching Field Specialization

MAT 6374 – Curriculum Rationale
MAT 6314 – Reading Difficulties
MAT 6699 – Internship
EDUC 4210 – Integrating Technology in Instruction

Research Interests and Areas

Arkansas Reading Association Annual Conference – Multisensory Interventions, November 21, 2014
Arkansas Reading Association Annual Conference – It’s Your Time! Become an NBCT!, November 20, 2014
SRATE – Check that Attitude at the Door: Dispositions in Field Experiences, October 17, 2014
ATE – St. Louis – University-School Partnerships–Working Hand in Hand Toward Solutions, February 16, 2014

Specialty Areas

Reading Difficulties: Diagnosis and Intervention
University-School Partnerships
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Field Experience