UCA in Paris: Diversity of Voices in Global Markets


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UCA in Paris: Diversity of Voices in Global Markets introduces students to French culture in an immersive setting. Students will have the opportunity to learn about France through trips to museums (the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, etc.), gardens, and walking tours of France’s grand boulevards. Students will also meet with French workers and management from a variety of sectors (public, private, nonprofit) to both forge business connections, and to gain greater intercultural awareness about international business practices in today’s globalized economy.

Dr. Taine Duncan, Associate Professor and Director of Gender Studies Program, Philosophy and Religion

PHIL 4310 Great Works in Philosophy

PHIL 4320 Applied Ethics: Globalization and Migration Issues

Dr. Katelyn Knox, Assistant Professor, LLLC

FREN 3340 Intensive Oral Practice Abroad in French

FREN 3398 Intensive French Abroad

WLAN 2315 Cultural Studies: The Elements of French Culture

Dr. Kaye McKinzie, Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems

MGMT 3340 People and Work

MGMT 3344 Managing Production and Operations

Dr. Taine Duncan (Right)

Dr. Taine Duncan read French feminist philosophy as an undergraduate and knew three things: she must travel, she must be a philosopher, and she must do work on gender theory. Later in college she did travel to France, as part of a backpacking trip that led her to study abroad at Oxford. As a graduate student, she spent a year researching in Germany, and as a faculty member she’s been fortunate to research in Taiwan. She speaks German fairly well, a little French (although she reads academic French better), and absolutely no Chinese, though she’d love to learn. As an associate professor of philosophy and director of gender studies she continues to travel, do philosophy, and engage questions of gender and marginalized identity. In 2016 she was able to co-lead a summer study abroad for students interested in France, and had a fabulous time with a great group of students and her colleague, and French language and culture expert, Dr. Katelyn Knox. Taine looks forward to taking another group of students to learn about the wider world in France for Summer 2018 with Drs. Knox and McKinzie.

Dr. Taine Duncan • Irby Hall 118 B • Department of Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Katelyn Knox (Left)

Nobody in Dr. Knox’s family speaks French, and, from an early age, she was told that studying Spanish would be more “useful” for the career path she envisioned for herself at the time: public health. Dr. Knox saw it differently. Growing up, her mom served as the Executive Director of a nonprofit working with patients and families affected by sickle cell disease. Many of these families, Dr. Knox quickly learned, were from French speaking African countries. So, for her, learning French has always gone hand-in-hand with studying African culture and the links between France and its former colonies. Her research and teaching now focus on race, identity, and diversity in contemporary France, Africa, and the African diaspora. While earning her BA, she spent 6 months studying in Cameroon–first as an intern in a public health laboratory investigating an HIV vaccine and then as part of a more conventional home stay study abroad program studying the culture and development of Cameroon. This experience profoundly changed her life, and she now relishes opportunities to expose her students to similar experiences abroad. In 2016 she led a UCA study abroad program in Paris with Dr. Taine Duncan. She looks forward to exposing students to the multicultural French environment and issues of diversity affecting the country in 2018.

Dr. Katelyn Knox • Irby 207 B • Department of Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, & Cultures

Dr. Kaye McKinzie, Associate Professor of MIS

Dr. Kaye McKinzie has been traveling the world from the time she was born in Subic Bay, Philippines. She lived in Europe for 9 years (Spain and Germany) and travels outside of the country at least once a year. She is retired from the US Army after attaining the rank of Colonel. In the US Army she ran unmanned systems analysis. Kaye’s Ph.D. is in analysis (Industrial Engineering) and she currently teaches courses in Project Management and analysis in the Management Information Systems Department. Kaye believes that in an ever increasing global business world, it is imperative for our future business leaders to gain an understanding of different markets. This will be her first study abroad experience at UCA and she is excited to pair with two more experienced faculty to ensure this study abroad an enriching and memorable experience for all.

Dr. Kaye McKinzie • COB 305C • Management Information Systems

Travel Dates: May 8-29, 2018 (Tentative)

Deadline to Apply: Friday, Jan. 26th

Budget: Paris 2018

For information about insurance coverage: http://uca.edu/studyabroad/health-and-safety/