Interested in Leading a UCA Study Abroad Program?

UCA offers a variety of short-term Faculty Led Study Abroad programs, as well as, Language Immersion programs each year. Typically lasting 10 days to one month, these programs offer UCA courses taught by faculty who travel with students and teach the course to students abroad.


January Email announcing call for Study Abroad proposals from Academic Affairs.

February 15th Abstract for proposals is due.

February 28th Feedback to potential Faculty Leaders is provided from International Engagement and the Study Abroad Advisory Committee.

March 26th  Study Abroad proposal paperwork is due.

April-May  The Council of Deans officially approve programs, and programs are published by the Office of the Provost.



Guide for Leading Study Abroad with UCA Updated 12/2017

2018 STSA Proposal Paperwork  (Please use this as a reference as 2019 will be updated in weeks to come.)

Faculty interested in proposing a program are encouraged to meet with Office of Study Abroad personnel to discuss plans prior to the proposal deadline. Contact Natalie Flemming, Study Abroad and Exchange Program Manager at to schedule a meeting.

Questions to consider when designing a program:
  • Has the U.S. Department of State issued any travel alerts or warnings for the chosen destination(s)? Travel Warning Note: The safety and security of all participants are central to the planning and management of the experience. Proposed trips to areas or locations with an active US Department of State Alert or Warning will not be accepted. Visit U.S. Dept. of State to view specific country details. Please consult the Office of Study Abroad if you have questions.
  • Will the program be based in one city/town with side excursions, or will it involve traveling within one country or to several countries?
  • Does my chosen destination(s) have special entry and/or exit requirements that students should be made aware of in advance?
  • Are safe and secure accommodations available in each location for students and faculty?
  • Is this program affordable for students? What scholarship options are available?
  • Will the students stay in a homestay, campus dormitory, hostel or hotel?
  • How will ground transportation arrangements be managed?
  • Should I work with a host institution abroad for logistical arrangements?
  • How many courses will be offered?
  • What is the duration of the program?
  • Will there be on-campus classes and/or sessions before and/or after the study abroad component?
  • How will contact hour requirements be met for each course offered?
  • How many faculty will be traveling/teaching?
  • Will the program include undergraduate and/or graduate courses?
  • To which group of students is this course geared, am I targeting a large enough group to ensure minimum enrollment numbers?
  • How will I advertise this opportunity to prospective students?
 Faculty Leader Contact Information- Approved Programs