Fine Arts in London: Theatre and Art History


Interest Meeting November 8th at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm in McCastlain 14

The Fine Arts in London program brings together Theatre and the Visual Arts in one of the world’s premier cultural cities. This program will provide a diverse experience for the Theatre and Art student, as well as, students seeking to earn general requirement credit for Art or Theatre Appreciation. The goal of this program is to challenge students to increase their ability to appreciate, evaluate, and enjoy art and theater through immersion in multiple live theatrical experiences, workshops, and museums throughout London. Students will also enjoy a special day trip to nearby locations; theatre students will go to Stratford Upon-Avon and art students will spend a day at Stonehenge and Bath. Come discover the art and theatre treasures London has to offer, and let the city be your classroom.

Dr. Kevin T. Browne, Associate Professor and Academic Director, Theatre

THEA 3350 Directed Study in Theatre

Prof. Chris Fritzges, Associate Professor, Theatre

THEA 2300 Theatre Appreciation

THEA 4315 Topics in Theatre Performance

Prof. Diana Gilpin, Adjunct Professor, Art

ART 2300 Art Appreciation

ART 2336 Renaissance to Modern Art

Dr. Kevin Browne

Kevin Thomas Browne has nearly 30 years experience in both the professional and academic worlds as a performing artist and a theatre director and teacher.  He has performed in film and television, off-off Broadway, professional tours, summer stock, and in academic theatres.  His experience includes teaching and directing professional and community actors as well as university theatre students.  In his current position his focus is directing main stage productions and teaching directing, play analysis, acting and directing for the camera, improvisational theatre, and theatre history.

His UCA productions include The Learned Ladies, Stop Kiss, Hamlet, The Piano Lesson, You Can’t Take it With You, All My Sons, and The Flaky Biscuit Convention Improvisational Theatre.  His experience and philosophy on improvisation is included in a new acting book edited by Mary Lou Belli and Dinah Lenney; and he has published his own book on Richard Brinsley Sheridan.  He is a member of AEA, SAG, SSDC, and  ATHE.   He is married to Ruthann Curry-Browne, also a theatre director, performer, and instructor.

Dr. Kevin Browne • SFA 216A • Department of Film, Theatre, and Creative Writing

Professor Chris Fritzges

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chris Fritzges received his Bachelor of Arts from Bethany College, in West Virginia, and his Masters of Fine Arts in Drama from the University of Arkansas, at Fayetteville.  He has been a full-time educator at UCA since 2002, where he teaches acting, voice and movement, and directing.  Trained as an actor, Chris has been performing for audiences for over twenty years.  Credits include finishing his sixth season performing with the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, acting with the Arkansas and Conway Symphony Orchestra’s Children’s Concert (Mozart and The Composer is Dead), and performing in film, commercial, and radio projects; including a supporting role in the University of Central Arkansas’ first feature length and award-winning film, Table at Luigi’s and the lead role in its second feature, Sympathy Pains. Why I do theatre: It’s a great way to learn something about yourself, others and the world. I truly believe we have the ability to heal ourselves and others through our artistic expression.”

Professor Chris Fritzges • SFA 219B • Department of Film, Theatre, and Creative Writing

Professor Diana Gilpin

Professor Diana Gilpin

Professor Diana Gilpin is a world traveler with extensive experience in both Germany and England. She attended Richmond: The American International University of London, affording her the opportunities live in London and travel Europe. She believes that travel can enrich one’s life, and is an essential learning tool. She looks forward to taking students to London and exploring the world renowned sites and museums to help students gain a better understanding of art and culture while meeting Fine Arts requirements in Art Appreciation and Renaissance to Modern art classes.

Professor Diana Gilpin • McAlister 105 • Department of Art

Travel Dates: May 7-17, 2018 (Tentative)

UCA Instruction: May 2, 4 and 22, 2018

Deadline to apply: Friday, Jan. 26th