Upcoming Events

Spanish Language Immersion in Costa Rica Meeting Feb. 2nd at 1:40 in Irby 204

Chinese Language Immersion in Shanghai on Thursday, Feb. 4th at 1:40 in Irby 203.

Study Abroad and Chinese Program Orientation            

Come learn about opportunities to study abroad in Shanghai. Pizza and egg rolls provided!

Joshua M. (Meijie): UCA Alumnus will share his experience learning Chinese at UCA and ECNU with the Confucius Institute scholarship

Aaron N.: Current student will share his experience of learning Chinese

Information on:

Programs and resources at Confucius Institute

Chinese Minor Program at UCA

Study Abroad program and Scholarships

Upcoming Deadlines

Feb. 8th to turn in course approval and other paperwork for a semester exchange.

Feb. 29th to register for language immersion programs. Make an appointment with our office to learn more about Chinese in Shanghai and Spanish in Costa Rica.