July 24-August 11, 2017

students by bearIf you plan to major in nursing, athletic training, health sciences, or biology, but aren’t sure you are ready for College Chemistry your first semester, this program is for you. This three-week Summer Start program is designed for students who want to refresh or improve their background in basic principles of chemistry, and who want to learn how to be a successful college student.

Chem4Success will allow you to:

  • Complete CHEM 1301  (Fundamentals of Chemistry), a non-major program preparatory 3-hour course
  • Complete ACAD 1300 (Journeys to Success), which is a First-Year Seminar course and a UCA Core requirement
  • Learn about the resources UCA offers to help you succeed
  • Meet other students, faculty, and staff before Welcome Week even begins
  • Experience campus life and even move into your residence hall early
  • Have fun!

Eligibility requirements – To participate, students must:

  • Be an entering first-year UCA student admitted for Summer or Fall 2017
  • Intend to major in a science or a health science field

Program requirements – In order to participate, students must:

  • Apply no later than July 14, 2017 (Note: the 2016-2017 FAFSA must be submitted by June 30, 2017 in order to be considered for federal financial aid)
  • Enroll in CHEM 1301 and ACAD 1300.
  • Commit to attending all scheduled class sessions, success workshops, and tutoring hours
  • Complete all assignments as assigned by the instructors

Have a look at the sample schedule here. (Note: this schedule is from 2016, so the courses listed may be different.)

Estimated program costs:

**This program is financial aid eligible!  Please review your eligibility for “summer aid” with the UCA Office of Financial Aid by contacting them at 501-450-3140 or

You may participate as a residential student, living in campus housing, or as a commuter.  It’s your choice!

Residential: $2,515 – approximate maximum total cost; includes:
• 6 hours tuition & fees ($1,650)
• Campus housing ($315)
• Meals ($400)
• Books ($150)

Non-residential: $1,905 – approximate maximum total cost; includes:
• 6 hours tuition & fees ($1,650)
• Lunch only ($105) or lunch and dinner ($210)
• Books ($150)

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