Student Accounts News

Things to Remember

  • Update your mailing address in myUCA. Checks AND Direct Deposits will not be processed if a student has an invalid or out-of-date mailing address.

Financial Aid Authorizations

  • Title IV - If you did not authorize UCA to use Federal Student Aid to pay for allowable educationally related charges other than tuition, fees, room, and board, you will NOT be able to charge books.  You will also have to pay for charges like parking fines, the Greek Village fee, late fees, etc... out of your own pocket.  If you do not pay them, there will be holds on your account.  Please check your financial aid requirements through myUCA to verify that requirement TIV is a "1".  If it is a "2", you did not authorize UCA to pay these fees.  If it is an "N", you need to answer the financial aid questions on myUCA.  To change your answer, please fill out the Title IV Authorization Change Form and submit it to Financial Aid.

Excess Aid

  • Excess Aid will be processed the week of January 18.
  • Funds should be available via direct deposit by End of Business Monday, January 26, if all student aid is in place.
  • The direct deposits take one or two business days to hit bank accounts, each bank's processing time is a little different.
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit on your myUCA. Get your excess aid quickly and safely. Checks will be mailed January 26.
  • Update your mailing address in your myUCA or through the Registrar's office. Student Accounts cannot process any refunds or excess aid on an account with an invalid address.


  • Student bills are available on myUCA by clicking on Self-Service>Student and Financial Aid>Student Account>Account Summary by Term or Review Account and Pay Balance.
  • The E-Bill will be emailed to student UCA email accounts in January.

Payment Deadline

  • All tuition, fees, room and board payments are due by January 7, 2015 unless an approved payment plan is in place, or Financial Aid is in place.

Payment Plans

  • Sign up for Spring 2015 payment plans beginning December 1.
  • 20% down through December 23. 40% down until January 7, 2015.

Click HERE for more information on payment plans.