Robotics 2014

Beginners Robotics for STEM Teaching: Grades 6-8

A Special Professional Development Program for STEM teachers

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The STEM Institute at UCA received a No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part A grant to provide a 2014 a professional development program. The goals are to use basic robotics to strengthen teachers’ content knowledge in STEM areas, improve teachers’ ability to develop and implement math/science/engineering integrated 5E lessons with robotic engineering activities that are aligned to CCSS and NGSS, model “best practices” pedagogy, and provide participants with classroom materials/training for hands-on math/science/engineering activities.

Teachers will receive:

• Up $1500 stipend for a PD course (60 hours of PD credits)

• $200 worth teaching materials to implement the activities in their classrooms

• Long-term classroom support from UCA faculty and staff

Commitment from teacher:

• Complete the required professional development training: 2 weeks in summer and  two Saturdays during the 2013-14 academic year

•  Complete and submit all assignments and grant paperwork in a timely manner (UCA PD requirements, time sheets, W-9 forms, evaluations, pre/post science content and pedagogy tests).

•  Allow two or more classroom observations/support to implement the lessons

•  Registration: $200 (lunch will be provided each day)

Tentative Summer Dates:

June 23-27, 2014

July 7-11, 2014

Two days in fall 2014 will be announced later


Preference will be given to our partners on the grant project: North Little Rock and Conway School Districts.



For more information on other grants and PD training please visit our website:

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