MSP-CCIgrades 5-7

Connecting “Core” Instruction for the “Next Generation” of Mathematicians and Scientists (CCI 5-7)

Math and Science Partnership (MSP) grant

A Special Professional Development for 5-7 grade Teachers

The CCI 5-7 is a professional development Institute that explores key math and science topics. Each lesson will use Next Generation Science Standard concepts to address Arkansas standards and integrate Common Core State Standards in significant depths. The goal of the project is to enhance teacher content knowledge, and teaching skills that prepare students for success in the STEM areas. The program proposes to offer teacher professional development that emphasizes cross cutting concepts within and across the disciplines and enhance learning progressions and support the coordination of the CCSS, curriculum, instructional practices and multiple forms of assessment. The program will align with the comprehensive implementation plan developed by the state implementation team.


Location: University of Central Arkansas

Dates: Three Academic Years 2013- 2014 to 2015-2016

Meetings: Each year teachers meet four Saturdays during the academic year and two weeks in the summer.

Limited to 30 Teachers – Prefer teams of math and Science teachers (with possible literacy/coach/facilitator) from each grade level/school


Treatment teachers will receive:
  • 60 hrs of PD including 6 hrs of technology credit
  • Maximum of $1,800 ($150/day) stipend and 
  • $350 worth books and materials to implement the activities in their classrooms
Commitment from teacher:
  • $150 registration fee/year
  • Complete the pre-/post test, assignments and other requirements
  • Attend 4 days of training during academic year
  • Attend Two weeks (5-day/week) summer institute
  • Provide requested student data
  • Allow two or more classroom observations/support to implement the lessons


Dates for Year III

Fall Day 1: October 10, 2015

Fall Day 2:  November 14, 2015

Spring Day #1: Feb 20, 2016

Spring Day : April 2, 2016 (Make-up day)

Spring Day #2: May 7, 2016

Summer Week #1: June 20-24, 2016

Summer Week #2: July 18-22, 2016





Control Group Recruitment

If you are interested, please complete the on-line commitment form

Register here for Control Group


To evaluate the impact of the program we need 30 teachers from schools that are not participating in the program. The data collected from these teachers will be kept confidential. The data will be strictly used to assess the grant and will not be shared with anyone else.


Teachers will receive:

  1. $300 stipend for taking the two assessments and providing requested student benchmark data.


Commitment from the teacher:

  1. Take the pre-assessments and a survey in the month of November/December (Takes about 60 to 90 minutes). Participants should come to UCA on a weekend or after school hours
  2. Complete the W-9 form so we can send the stipend
  3. Provide requested student benchmark data
  4. Take post assessments at the end of the academic year ( April 2016)
  5. Communicate promptly with the project director