Science Lead Teacher Institute

About the Institute

Science Lead Teacher Institute (SLTI) is a content-intensive professional development program to guide 30 Science Lead Teachers in Grades 7-10 through the process of crafting tailored strategic plans for initiating and implementing effective inquiry science programs. These teachers will be instrumental in assisting school districts to implement hands-on, inquiry-centered science programs and to bring about systemic reform of science education. Training activities will include a two-week summer science- session that is content-intensive, classroom focused and aligned with state standards and science curricula and three one-day sessions during the academic year. Additionally, each participant will have on-site visits from the project staff and will network with UCA faculty members to establish a sustained partnership.

This institute is a three-year partnership project funded to the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) through the Arkansas Department of Education, under No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Public Law 107-110, Title II, Part B. The main focus of this institute is to integrate concepts of physical science with biology and create a vertical alignment of the curriculum from 7th – 10th grades. Since science knowledge is cumulative, the foundations for the biology content will be created by looking back to earlier grades. Grades 7-9 grade science will be integrated with 10th grade Biology. The content knowledge the (primary focus) will be delivered by UCA faculty from College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and the pedagogy part (secondary focus) by faculty from College of Education.

Year 1 – Physics in Biology: STLI 2009 summer institute is the first year of the three years program dealing with physics of physical science. The curriculum used in this summer session has been especially designed to strengthen the subject matter background of teachers in topics typically covered in 7-9 grade physical sciences using a hands-on, inquiry-oriented method of instruction.  The concepts will then be related to the biological concepts. The materials emphasize the development of fundamental concepts and reasoning skills through laboratory experience.