Umadevi Garimella

Dr. Umadevi Garimella


212A Main Hall

(501) 450-5663


  • Ph.D. Botany, Maharaja SayajiRao University of Baroda, 1991
  • MS Chemistry, Tennessee Technological University, 1996

Phone: 501-450-5663

Research Interests:

  • Science Education
  • Natural Product Chemistry (Phytochemistry)

Recent Publication:

  • “Visualizing a Plant Defense and Insect Counterploy: Alkaloid Distribution in Lobelia Leaves Trenched by a Plusiine Caterpillar.” J. Chem. Ecol. 2009, 35, 625-634
  • “A Theoretic Control Approach in Signal-controlled Metabolic Pathways.” (with R. Garimella and W. Liu ) Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 2007.4-3, 1-8.
  • “Comparison among Soil Series and Extraction Methods for the Analysis of Trifluralin. J.  Agric. Food Chem., (withM. J. M. Wells, and K. Stearman) 2000, 48, 5874-5880.
  • “Flavonoids of Some Leafy Vegetables of the Caryophyllales.” J. Econ. Bot. & Phytochem., (with M. Daniel) 1991, 2 (1-4), 6.

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