Cheryl Theall

At-Large Senator

Bernard Hall

(501) 450-3128

Term Expiration: 2016

Represents: Academic Affairs

Staff Senate Committees:

Football Committee
Professional Development Committee
Spring Picnic Committee
Winter Feast Committee, Chair

University Committees:

Housing Exemptions Committee
Parking and Traffic Committee

I have served on Staff Senate for 1.5 years and have had the opportunity to get involved in UCA by serving on several University and Staff Senate Committees. My time spent on these committees has proven to be some of the most rewarding experiences, while getting to know people around the UCA community. I work in the Admissions Office and have the chance to talk with prosepctive students and their parents everyday and to “SELL” UCA and our community. It’s easy to sell something you believe in!! I am currently attending UCA working on my Master’s, my oldest daughter graduated from UCA in 2010 and is now a 2nd grade teacher and my youngest daughter is currently in the Nursing Program and plans to graduate from UCA in 2 years.I would like the opportunity to continue my service on Staff Senate and give back to the community that has given so much to my family and myself.