Emergency Funding

The Staff Senate Emergency Fund is a fund established within the Senate to offer limited financial assistance to UCA staff during times of extreme hardship. The Staff Senate Emergency Fund is funded through staff donations and Staff Senate events. The fund is maintained by the Senate and administered by the Staff Senate Emergency Fund Committee, which is composed of at least 5 Staff Senators.

All applications will be reviewed for approval by the Staff Senate Emergency Fund Committee. Emergency funding is not guaranteed and is contingent upon committee approval and the availability of funds in the Staff Senate Emergency Fund account. It is expected that the applicant needing financial assistance will have first exhausted their immediate support network and any state or nonprofit agencies. This will ensure the availability of limited funds for the maximum amount of applicants.

Fund Eligibility

  • All full time benefits eligible UCA staff employees are eligible to apply for emergency funding.
  • Applicants are reviewed in the order in which the applications are received.
  • Assistance is limited to a maximum of $500 per employee.
  • Applicants may only be awarded funds once per year. Applicants may not apply for funding in consecutive fiscal years.
  • Applications are accepted all year.

What do we fund?

Given the limited amount of funds available, requests may be fully funded up to the $500 limit, partially funded, or not funded at all. Actual disbursement amounts may vary based upon the Committee’s recommendation and the fund’s available balance. Applicants must have a documented, time limited, specific event or emergency situation related to their immediate family that has caused a financial hardship. An immediate family member will be defined as an applicant’s legal spouse, legal dependent child, or parent. The event must be unforeseen and beyond the employee’s control. Examples include: Short term funding to assist with day to day needs due to hardship resulting from natural disasters, fire, or flooding that directly impacts the applicant’s primary residence; Travel expenses related to the death of an immediate family member; Unexpected, sudden medical emergencies, critical injury, or unexpected medical treatment  (Example- Travel expenses for unexpected medical treatment)

What do we not fund?

We do not fund requests for assistance with the following:

  • Normal living expenses such as rent, utility bills, groceries, car repairs, child care, taxes, or insurance
  • Legal fees or court costs
  • Home repair costs or any type of construction costs
  • Requests for assistance with costs associated with long-term medical conditions or long-term medical treatment

For more information on the guidelines and application procedure, see the full guidelines here: Staff Senate Emergency Fund Application Guidelines

Please submit any questions to staffsenate@uca.edu or contact one of the Staff Senate Executive Staff members.

Emergency Fund Application

Before completing this form, please carefully review the Staff Senate Emergency Fund Guidelines. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out this application. Applications may not be completed by a staff member on behalf of another staff member.

  • Statement of Need: