Cayuse 424: Routing for Approvers

NOTE: If you suddenly experience trouble viewing or uploading PDFs in Firefox, double check your settings. Updates will often cause the Cayuse-ready settings to return to the default. 

Routing Rules

  • Proposal approval must follow the routing chain.
  • Approvers can review a proposal once it is submitted to their routing list, but they cannot approve it until all the previous approvers have "signed."
  • Once a proposal is routed, Cayuse 424 grants temporary permission to approvers to access the proposal.
  • In case of an emergency, an approver may be deleted from the chain by UCA Sponsored Programs Administrators. Please call 450-3451 for help.
  • From the initiator's perspective (usually the PI), the proposal becomes "read only" once routing has begun.


Approvers will be notified by an automatically generated e-mail when they need to review and approve a proposal. Please DO NOT use the link provided in the e-mail. Instead, open Firefox and navigate to Cayuse 424 to login.

Locating a Proposal

  1. When an approver is notified via e-mail, the proposal moves to her/his Hot List on the "Routing" tab.
  2. Select the appropriate proposal to review and approve from the Routing Warm/Hot List.

Reviewing a Proposal

Once a proposal opens, you will use the left sidebar on the screen to select the pages of the proposal you wish to review.

Suggested items for review include the following: the abstract or summary, proposal narrative, budget justification, and the budget.

Printing a Proposal

  1. If you prefer to print the proposal for review, click the printer icon near your name in the upper righthand corner.
  2. Place a checkmark next to the documents you'd like to print. You will be prompted to generate a PDF version of the documents.
  3. Click the "Generate PDF" button and choose "Print." You may also save the document to your computer if you wish.

Approving a Proposal

  1. To begin the approval process click on the "Routing & Approval" link (next to the green arrow icon) in the left sidebar.
  2. When the routing chain appears, click on the checkbox next to your name.
  3. When the "Action: Approve" box appears, you can enter a comment, click on the "Approve" button, or click on "Cancel" to go back to the proposal. Once you have approved the proposal, you will be returned to the "Routing & Approval" screen.
  4. Ensure a checkmark appears next to your name, signifying your approval of the proposal. The next approver on the routing chain will automatically be notified via e-mail, and the proposal will move to her/his "Hot List" on the "Routing" tab.

Reject and Recall

Once approval is given, a proposal can still be rejected by unchecking the box next to your name in the approval routing chain. This will cause the proposal to be sent back to the initiator for revision.

Additionally, the initiator can recall (or cancel) the whole process at any time by unchecking the box next to their name in the routing chain. Only proposal initiator's can recall a proposal.


Approvers can name a delegate or delegates in the Routing Profile of their Professional Profile for when they are unavailable to approve a proposal. Contact Sponsored Programs so delegates can be set up in Cayuse 424. The following rules apply for delegates:

  • Delegates receive the same notifications as the primary approver.
  • Delegates can perform the same actions as the primary approver.
  • Multiple delegates are allowed, but the order of approval must be established among them.
  • Delegates must have Professional Profiles that can be viewed by the proposal initiator.