Research and Grant Development Program

The fund is used to help faculty win a grant by providing matching funds to meet some grant agency requirements, or to help faculty be successful with a grant proposal in other ways. The fund does not exist to be the primary support mechanism for an individual’s research agenda. In consultation with the Provost/VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Graduate school, the Assistant Provost for Sponsored Programs may limit disbursement based on an individual’s history of requests and disbursements. Each support activity must be connected to winning grants from external agencies.


Highest Priority
Grant Matching Support

Second Highest Priority
General Support

Third Highest Priority
Infrastructure Support

  1. Help with grant proposals to agencies that require a match.
  2. Voluntary match or cost share when the agency has neither published nor implied matching requirements, but clearly a match would appear to leverage a grant award based on the agencies goals, guidelines, policies, and procedures.
  1. Help faculty generate preliminary data to later develop a full proposal to a major agency.
  2. Provide occasional grant-writing release time for promising faculty with particularly heavy teaching loads (must be done in consultation with chair and dean of the college).
Help sponsored programs pay for internal SP resources that would help all faculty members win grants such as memberships, subscriptions, workshops and technology, travel to meet federal granting agents, grant submission systems, occasionally share cost in student development activities (e.g., SURF and student poster activities)



Whenever possible, all salary and wages for graduate students working on sponsored programs should be requested from the agency in the form of direct costs. Tuition remission either in lieu of wages or direct pay must be requested from the agency in the form of direct costs and be done in accordance with applicable OMB circulars concerning salaries and wages. Students are not typically supported with this fund.

Project Significance

In order to meet unexpected institutional priorities, the Provost/VP for Academic Affairs and the Dean of the Graduate school shall set priorities inside/outside this order dependent upon availability of funds and significance of the project to the success of the academic enterprise.

Budget Management

The Assistant Provost, Director of Sponsored Programs shall be the primary manager of this budget, and shall regularly supply the Provost and Dean of the Graduate School a balance sheet showing distribution of the funds and potential distribution of the funds.


After faculty members receive a cumulative total support of $100,000, all years inclusive, project significance must play a major in determining future support from the fund.