Cost Sharing for External Grants and Contracts

The following policy establishes the procedures for managing cost share for sponsored agreements. “Cost sharing” shall mean the use of UCA’s own resources, funds, or third-party contributions toward the total allowable costs of a sponsored project.

Cost Transfers for External Grants & Contracts UCA has a stewardship responsibility for all sponsored funds; proper management of sponsored project expenditures is essential to meet the fiduciary responsibilities. The intention is to clearly communicate the UCA cost transfer policy and address timing as well as process.

Effort Certification The purpose of this policy is to make UCA departments aware of the definitions of 100% effort and institutional base salary, and the procedures involved in capturing planned and actual effort of UCA employees for compliance with requirements of external agencies and internal entities.

Overload Policy for External Grants & Contracts The following policy outlines the conditions of overload (additional compensation) funding with extramural  (federal, state, foundation and other) grants and contracts.