When is Sponsored Programs needed?

Except under certain conditions, Sponsored Programs staff needs to be involved with all external funding activities. However, there are some instances in which this is not the case. The Sponsored Programs staff has worked with the Provost’s office, the UCA Finance office, and the UCA Foundation to create a brief, handy checklist for faculty to use when deciding if they need to contact the Sponsored Programs staff member who works with their college’s faculty.

  • Emily Hartle, ehartle@uca.edu, (501) 852- 2410
    • Arkansas Research Center
    • Child Study Center
    • College of Business
    • College of Education
    • College of Fine Arts and Communication
    • College of Liberal Arts
    • Library
    • Physical Plant
    • Police Department
    • Student Services
    • Student Health Services
    • University College
  • Suzanne Wiltgen, swiltgen@uca.edu, (501) 450 – 5789
    • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (including STEM Institute)
    • College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
    • Honors College
    • President’s Office
    • Upward Bound


Latest Update: February 2018
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