Cayuse 424: Preparing Mozilla Firefox

Downloading Firefox

Cayuse 424 works best with the Mozilla Firefox browser. Note that it's fine to have multiple browsers on your computer, so if you prefer IE or Chrome, feel free to use them for any other purpose, but use Firefox when uploading grant documents. If you don't have Firefox, you can download it free according the following directions:

  1. Visit the Firefox website. The site should detect the operating system (OS) of your computer automatically.
  2. Click the green download button. You should get a warning that you are about to download a program. Click "Yes" or "OK" as necessary.
  3. Open the downloaded file and follow the instructions. Instructions will vary according to your current browser (Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, etc.).
  4. Click "Finish."
  5. Deselect the checkbox that asks "Always perform this check when starting Firefox," and click "No" if you do not wish to set Firefox as your default browser.

NOTE: If you suddenly experience trouble viewing or uploading PDFs in Firefox, double check your settings. Updates will often cause the Cayuse-ready settings to return to the default.

Preparing Firefox

First Steps: Changing How Firefox Processes Content

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. At the top of your browser window, click "Tools" --> "Options," or, alternatively (depending on your OS), click "Settings" at the bottom. A dialog box will open.
  3. Click on the "Content" icon or tab.
  4. Place a check in the box next to "Accept Cookies for Sites."
  5. Click "Exceptions" and enter
  6. Click the "Allow" button and close the window.
  7. Still under "Content," make sure there is a check in the box next to Enable Javascript.
  8. Click the "Advanced" button. A second dialog box will open.
  9. Place a check in the box next to "Raise or Lower Windows."
  10. Click the "OK" button to close the second dialog box. Click the "OK" button on the first dialog box, or, if there is no "OK" button, click on the "X" to close the box.

Second Steps: Advanced Configuration

  1. In the address bar (where you normally type URLs), type "about:config." You may receive a pop-up box warning you that the action you're about to take will void your warranty. This is for the Firefox product only, not for your computer. Click the "I'll be careful, I promise!" button.
  2. In the "Search" bar, type "flip."
  3. Right click dom.disable_window_flip.
  4. Double click to change the value from "false" to "true."
  5. Back in the "Search" bar, type dom.max_script_run_time.
  6. Double click. A pop up box will prompt you to enter an integer.
  7. Change the value to 60.
  8. Click the "OK" button.
  9. Close the tab or window.

If you need help setting up your computer, please contact Sponsored Programs, and one of us will come to your office to assist you.