Dr. Donovon Ceaser

Visiting Assistant Professor

Irby 306H

(501) 450-5587

Educational Background

 Academic CV 2014

Ph.D. Louisiana State University

M.A. Louisian State University

M.A. University of Toronto

B.A. Loyola University New Orleans

Specialty Fields

Enivronmental Sociology

Qualitative Methods

Gender Studies


Research Interests

Environmental Education

Inequality, Intersectionality (Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality)

Feminist and Critical Theory

Current Focus

Donovon Ceaser recently completed his Ph.D. in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies.  In his dissertation, he examined the experiences of environmental justice activists for what significant life experiences shaped their conceptions of society and nature, and their motivation to become activists.  Using this empirical work, he created the term "social/environmental marginality" to situate the particular phenomenological experience commonly known as "environmental (in)justice".  His work has been published in the Journal of Environmental Education and Ethnography and Education.  In the future he intends to write a book using his dissertation material titled "Educating for Environmental Justice".  Additionally, he hopes to further pursue teaching and employing his unique critical approach to educating students.
Finally, Dr. Ceaser is also an amateur classical pianist.  He gives recitals every year as well as creates minor compositions.  Examples of his playing can be found here