What is the Simultaneous Membership Program?

The SMP Program does two things.  

1.  Give eligible enlisted members of the Army National Guard and Army Reserve an opportunity to participate in the ROTC Program.

2.  Provide Non-scholarship, Reserve Forces Duty scholarship, or Dedicated Army National Guard scholarship students an opportunity to serve in a Reserve Component unit while participating in ROTC.

The intent of the SMP is to increase officer accessions into the Reserve Components by increasing ROTC enrollment from enlisted reserve component members who are attending college. The SMP also reinforces training on the role of the commissioned officer in the Army and gives Cadets the experience of working with soldiers and Noncommissioned Officers.

Upon completion of Basic Training, or equivalent qualification [MSI & MSII, ROTC Basic Camp], a Reserve Component soldier or ROTC cadet, who is an academic junior, can join the Advanced ROTC Program and earn a commission as an officer in the United States Army Reserves after completing their college degree.

What is a SMP Cadet?

An SMP Cadet is a reserve officer trainee assigned to a Reserve Component Troop Program Unit (TPU), while simultaneously participating as a contracted cadet in the ROTC Advanced Course at a university or college.


ROTC/SMP is a volunteer officer training program designed to increase the number of ROTC officers available for Reserve Forces Duty (RFD). It encourages enrollment and participation in the ROTC Advanced Military Course and provides the future officer with leadership and reserve unit experience.

SMP Cadet Eligibility

US Citizen; no dual citizenship

2.0 cumulative GPA (minimum)

Minimum 27 credit hours (i.e. academic sophomore)

Pass APFT; meet height/weight standards

Medically qualified (MEPS physical not more than 2 years old OR pass ROTC DoDMERB physical)

Full-time student status