GRFD Scholarships

This program consists of three types of GRFD (Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty) Scholarships: GRFD Dedicated ARNG (Army National Guard) Scholarship, GRFD Dedicated USAR (US Army Reserves) Scholarship, and GRFD Scholarships where the cadet can assess into either the NG or USAR.

This program allows individuals to be on scholarship, provide guaranteed service in the ARNG or USAR and requires the student to participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP).

GRFD Scholarship recipients may not request conversion of or revocation of their GRFD Scholarship contracts.

Scholarship money can be used for either Room and Board or Tuition and Fees. If Scholarship money is used towards Room and Board, Federal (in addition if applicable State, re: ARNG) Tuition Assistance can be used in conjunction with Scholarship money to pay for tuition. Room and Board amounts are taxable monies paid directly to the Cadet and are determined by an average or aggregate of the area.  If Scholarship money is used for Tuition and Fees, then Federal/State Tuition Assistance cannot be used for Room and Board.