Enrollment and Contracting Documents


Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard (APFT) - DA 705


Initial Enrollment Forms

CC Form 104-R- Academic Alignment Sheet (Excel)

CC Form 139-R - Cadet Enrollment Record (Excel)

CC Form 136-R - Briefing of Government Benefits (Word)

CC Form 137-R - Release of Student Records (Excel)

DA Form 3425-R - Medical Fitness Statement (PDF)


ROTC Scholarship Forms

CC Form 167 - Scholarship Acceptance

DD 2058 - State of legal Residence

SF 86 - National Security Questionaire

Dental Form

Cadet Clothing Supply Form


Cadet Contracting Forms

DA Form 597 - Cadet Non-Scholarship Contract. Non-scholarship cadets need to read this thoroughly prior to contracting (PDF).

DA Form 597-3 - Cadet Scholarship Contract. Scholarship cadets need to read this thoroughly prior to contracting (PDF).

DD Form 4-1/2 - Enlistment Document. All contracting cadets need to read this thoroughly (PDF-fill-in).

DD Form 93 - Record of Emergency Data (PDF-Fill-in).

DD Form 2005 - Privacy Act Statement - Health Care Record (PDF-Fill-in).

DD Form 2351 - DoDMERB Medical Examination Form (PDF-Fill-in).

DD Form 2492 - DoDMERB Medical History Form (PDF-Fill-in).

SF 1199A - Direct Deposit Sign Up Form (PDF-Fill-in).

SGLV 8286- Soldier's Group Life Insurance Form (PDF-Fill-in).

W-4 - Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate (PDF-Fill-in)