Adjustments and Appeals Committee Web Form

UCA’s Academic Appeals Process

In accordance with the UCA Student Handbook, a student is entitled to petition the University Academic Adjustments and Appeals Committee for relief of an unfair hardship brought about by academic regulations when warranted by special circumstances. The Academic Adjustments and Appeals Committee reviews atypical cases in which rigid application of university academic regulations might result in an injustice to an individual.

This process does not apply to the appeal of a final grade in a course. Please see the section, “Grade Appeals” in the UCA Student Handbook if you wish to appeal a final grade in a specific course.

The basis of the appeal must be issues or events of an extreme nature that were unforeseen and uncontrollable by the student. A student submitting an appeal must also provide specific evidence that the issue or event impaired the student’s academic performance.

Examples of issues or events that can impair a student’s academic performance may include:

  • Death of a close family member;
  • Unanticipated, serious medical health difficulty (excluding chronic health conditions; students are responsible for properly balancing school work with known chronic conditions);
  • Serious mental health difficulty that prevented the student from withdrawing from a course or courses (excluding chronic conditions; students are responsible for properly balancing school work with known chronic conditions);
  • Legal matter.

The Academic Adjustments and Appeals Committee will NOT consider a student’s appeal if the appeal is based upon:

  • Disagreement with the grade assigned by the instructor. The steps for a grade appeal are provided in the UCA Student Handbook;
  • a course grade’s adverse effect on the student’s grade point average, probationary standing, or other eligibility;
  • poor performance in course work or poor work habits;
  • missed deadlines;
  • change of major or educational plans;
  • inability to complete class work due to external work demands;
  • financial issues;
  • lack of awareness or understanding of academic policies.

Procedures to Petition for Relief

The petition should be completed after consultation with the student’s advisor. The Academic Adjustments and Appeals Committee meets monthly, and complete signed petitions received by the Registrar’s Office by the first day of the month will be considered in that month.

The Office of the Registrar is located in McCastlain Hall, Room 112, 201 Donaghey Ave, Conway, AR 72035; email:; phone: (501)450-5200); fax: (501)450-5734.

The student must also provide objective documentation of the events or situations contributing to the situation under appeal and their impact on learning. Example documents:

  • Obituary, copy of death certificate, newspaper notice.
  • Medical records or physician’s letter explaining a medical condition and its effects. Clinic notes, doctor and prescription receipts are not sufficient documentation.
  • Copy of police report, photos, witness statements etc.
  • Letter from a lawyer, court documents, bail documents, police reports etc.

Students will be notified by letter about the outcome of their appeal by the Office of the Registrar after the Academic Adjustments and Appeals has reviewed the case.

Academic Adjustments and Appeals Petition

Submission form for petitions to the Academic Adjustments and Appeals Committee
  • If unsure of the exact graduation date please select the first day of the approrpiate month. May for Spring, August for Summer and December for Fall.
  • Please type a brief explanation detailing your request. If asking for an after the fact withdrawal or grade forgiveness adjustment please indicate which courses you are requesting be adjusted. If you would like to attach additional documentation you may do so below.
  • Please upload a copy of your hand written signature. Mouse and script font signatures will not be accepted.
  • Please upload additional supporting documents, for example transcripts or medical records. All documents should be loaded as a single file. Failure to provide adequate documentation for the committee to consider your request may result in the dismissal of your submission.