Volume 15 (1), 2014

Front Matter

Chand, Daniel E., Renee D. Deshommes, and Kuatbay K. Bektemirov. 2014. “Local Administration of Federal Immigration Policies: A Comparative Analysis of Arkansas’s Participation in 287(g) and Secure Communities,” pp. 1-24.

Maslin, Kimberly. 2014. “Mobilizing the Mob in Rwanda: The Un-Trivial Contest,” pp. 25-52.

Rodriguez, Robert G. 2014. “Re-Assessing the Rise of the Latin American Left,” pp. 53-80.

Thomas, G. Dale. 2014.  “Uncertainty as a Condition for Change: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” pp. 81-104.

Reese, Catherine C. and Patrick Hilson. 2014. “Media Coverage of Tobacco Settlement Expenditure in Two States,” pp. 105-123.