Midsouth Political Science Review (MPSR)

The Midsouth Political Science Review-MPSR (ISSN: 2330-6882 [print]; 2330-6890 [online]), which has been the journal of the Arkansas Political Science Association (ArkPSA) since 1997, is published and distributed without charge to all current members of the association.  The MPSR solicits article manuscripts, research notes, and book reviews across all fields of the discipline of political science, including American government & politics, public administration, public policy, political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. The MPSR is copyrighted and manuscripts will undergo a double-blind review process.  While the referees provide advisory information, the Editor will make the final determination about publication. The MPSR will not review manuscripts under consideration at other journals.


Instructions to Contributors

Submission Procedures:

The preferred method of submission is electronic. Contributors submit their manuscripts via email to the Editor at jhoward@uca.edu. Two versions of the manuscript should be prepared in MS Word format and labeled “identifiable” and “anonymous”. The “anonymous” version should remove all author(s) identifying information. The body of the e-mail message (or separate attachment) for submission should include for all author(s) their (1) institutional or organizational affiliation; (2) current position or rank; (3) e-mail address, and (4) contact telephone number. For hard copy submission, please contact the Editor.

Manuscript Formatting:

The MPSR prefers manuscripts that are in the range of 20 to 30 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font, standard 8.5 X 11 inch paper). Shorter or longer manuscripts will be evaluated regarding whether the length is justified before being sent out for external review. All graphs, maps, tables, and figures should be numbered consecutively on separate pages at the end of the manuscript and their position indicated at the appropriate places within the text (i.e. [Insert Table 1 here]). Please use explanatory footnotes rather than endnotes. The American Political Science Review (APSR) style guidelines should be followed for citations and references (see link to APSR style manual). Please include a brief abstract (150 words or less) that describes the problem, the analytical approach, and the findings of the paper. Manuscripts that do not meet the formatting and submission guidelines will not be sent out for external review.

Book Review Submissions:

The MPSR publishes reviews of scholarly books. Unsolicited reviews are welcome; however, potential authors are encouraged to obtain prior approval and guidelines from the Editor.


Editorial Staff of the Midsouth Political Science Review

Joseph Y. Howard, Editor, University of Central Arkansas

Mary Beth Sullivan, Associate Editor, University of Central Arkansas

John Passe-Smith, Associate Editor, University of Central Arkansas


Editorial Board of the Midsouth Political Science Review

T. Clay Arnold, University of Central Arkansas
Paul Babbitt, Southern Arkansas University
Jay Barth, Hendrix College
David Branham, University of Houston-Downtown
Kevin Brennan, Ouachita Baptist University
Daniel Chand, Kent State University
Price Dooley, University of Memphis
Andrew Dowdle, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Andrew Drummond, University of Akansas-Little Rock
Paul Foote, Murray State University
Joseph Giammo, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Rebecca Glazier, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Donald Gooch, Stephen F. Austin State University
Kim U. Hoffman, University of Central Arkansas
Christina Hughes, University of Houston-Downtown
Meagan Jordan, Old Dominion University
Brinck Kerr, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Kiril Kolev, Hendrix College
Jacek Lubecki, Georgia Southern University
Heather Mbaye, University of West Georgia
Tom McInnis, University of Central Arkansas
Mark Mullenbach, University of Central Arkansas
Keith Nitta, University of Washington-Bothell
Janine Parry, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Tara Parsons, James Madison University
Douglas Reed, Ouachita Baptist University
Cathy Reese, Arkansas State University
Gary Ritter, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Michael Rogers, Arkansas Tech University
James Scott, Texas Christian University
William Shreckhise, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Tucker Staley, Eastern Michigan University
Joshua Stockley, University of Louisiana Monroe
Carol Strong, University of Arkansas-Monticello
William Topich, Pulaski Academy
Gary Wekkin, University of Central Arkansas
Sharon Wrobel, University of Memphis


Subscription Information

Subscription rates are $30.00 for individuals and institutions. Subscriptions may be obtained by writing or e-mailing to:
Dr. Michael Rogers
Arkansas Tech University
Witherspoon Hall #257
407 West Q Street
Russellville, Arkansas 72801


Current Volume of the Journal

Volume 18, 2017

MPSR Vol18 2017 Front Matter

Davis, John C. and Drew Kurlowski. 2017. Campaign Inc.: Data from a Field Survey of State Party Organizations pp. 1-26.

Glennon, Colin and Mikel Norris. 2017. “Determining Factors in Perceptions of Judicial Greatness” pp. 27-46.

Machida, Satoshi. 2017. “Norm Diffusion through the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT): The Impact of International Socialization” pp. 47-80.

Gu, Yan. 2017. Book Review Computational Social Science: Discovery and Prediction pp. 81-84.


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