Midsouth Political Science Review (MPSR)

The Midsouth Political Science Review-MPSR (ISSN: 2330-6882 [print]; 2330-6890 [online]), which has been the journal of the Arkansas Political Science Association (ArkPSA) since 1997, is published and distributed without charge to all current members of the association.  The MPSR solicits article manuscripts, research notes, and book reviews across all fields of the discipline of political science, including American government & politics, public administration, public policy, political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. The MPSR is copyrighted and manuscripts will undergo a double-blind review process.  While the referees provide advisory information, the Editor will make the final determination about publication. The MPSR will not review manuscripts under consideration at other journals.


Instructions to Contributors

Submission Procedures:

The preferred method of submission is electronic. Contributors submit their manuscripts via email to the Editor at jhoward@uca.edu. Two versions of the manuscript should be prepared in MS Word format and labeled “identifiable” and “anonymous”. The “anonymous” version should remove all author(s) identifying information. The body of the e-mail message (or separate attachment) for submission should include for all author(s) their (1) institutional or organizational affiliation; (2) current position or rank; (3) e-mail address, and (4) contact telephone number. For hard copy submission, please contact the Editor.

Manuscript Formatting:

The MPSR prefers manuscripts that are in the range of 20 to 30 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font, standard 8.5 X 11 inch paper). Shorter or longer manuscripts will be evaluated regarding whether the length is justified before being sent out for external review. All graphs, maps, tables, and figures should be numbered consecutively on separate pages at the end of the manuscript and their position indicated at the appropriate places within the text (i.e. [Insert Table 1 here]). Please use explanatory footnotes rather than endnotes. The American Political Science Review (APSR) style guidelines should be followed for citations and references (see link to APSR style manual). Please include a brief abstract (150 words or less) that describes the problem, the analytical approach, and the findings of the paper. Manuscripts that do not meet the formatting and submission guidelines will not be sent out for external review.

Book Review Submissions:

The MPSR publishes reviews of scholarly books. Unsolicited reviews are welcome; however, potential authors are encouraged to obtain prior approval and guidelines from the Editor.


Editorial Staff of the Midsouth Political Science Review (MPSR)

Joseph Y. Howard, Editor, University of Central Arkansas

Kim U. Hoffman, Associate Editor, University of Central Arkansas

John Passe-Smith, Associate Editor, University of Central Arkansas


Editorial Board of the Midsouth Political Science Review (MPSR)

T. Clay Arnold, University of Central Arkansas                                 Paul Babbitt, Southern Arkansas University
Jay Barth, Hendrix College                                                                  David Branham, University of Houston-Downtown
Kevin Brennan, Ouachita Baptist University                                     Daniel Chand, New Mexico State University
Price Dooley, University of Illinois-Springfield                                  Andrew Dowdle, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Andrew Drummond, University of Akansas-Little Rock                 Jocelyn Evans, University of West Florida
Joseph Giammo, University of Arkansas-Little Rock                     Rebecca Glazier, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
Donald Gooch, Stephen F. Austin State University                         Christina Hughes, University of Houston-Downtown
Meagan Jordan, Old Dominion University                                        Brinck Kerr, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Kiril Kolev, Hendrix College                                                                 Jacek Lubecki, Georgia Southern University
Heather Mbaye, University of West Georgia                                     Tom McInnis, University of Central Arkansas
Mark Mullenbach, University of Central Arkansas                            Keith Nitta, University of Washington-Bothell
Janine Parry, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville                             Tara Parsons, James Madison University
Douglas Reed, Ouachita Baptist University                                      Cathy Reese, Arkansas State University
Gary Ritter, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville                                 Michael Rogers, Arkansas Tech University
James Scott, Texas Christian University                                            William Shreckhise, University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
Tucker Staley, University of Central Arkansas                                   Joshua Stockley, University of Louisiana Monroe                    Carol Strong, University of Arkansas-Monticello                              Mary Beth Sullivan, University of Central Arkansas
William Topich, Pulaski Academy                                                       Gary Wekkin, University of Central Arkansas
Sharon Wrobel, University of Memphis


Current Volume of the Journal

Volume 16, 2015: Front Matter

Branham, David, Sr. 2015. "The Influence of Seclusion: Immigration and Border Security Attitudes of Registered Voters Living Behind the Interior Border Patrol Checkpoints in the State of Texas" pp. 1-24.

Bailey, Daniel Benjamin. 2015. "Voto Latino…in Rural America?" pp. 25-44.

Foote, Paul D. and Leann Lacy. 2015. "Sixty Years after Brown v. Board of Education: The Role that Moderate Justices’ Played on the Warren on the Warren Court in Closely Divided and Salient Cases" pp. 45-72.

Warner, Barbara M. 2015. "A Study of Arkansas County Government Web Sites" pp. 73-106.


Previous Volumes of the Journal


Volume 15 (2), 2014: Front Matter

Rich, Timothy S. 2014. "When Compulsory Voting Isn't: Evidence from Mixed Electoral Systems," pp. 1-18.

Gooch, Donald M. and Chapman Rackaway. 2014. "Breaking the Banks: The Effect of State Campaign Finance Regulatory Environments and Regulatory Regimes on State Campaign Contributions and Spending," pp. 19-57.

Kolev, Kiril and Mitchell Goist. 2014. "Empowering the Marginalized Voter: Clientelism in Heterogeneous Electorates," pp. 59-79.

Davis, John C. 2014. "The Natural State in a Time of Change: A Survey-Based Analysis of State Party Organizations in Arkansas, 1999-2013," pp. 81-102.

McMillan, Samuel Lucas. 2014. Book Review "How Governors Shaped the Presidency and Intergovernmental Problems," pp. 103-112.


Volume 15 (1), 2014: Front Matter

Chand, Daniel E., Renee D. Deshommes, and Kuatbay K. Bektemirov. 2014. "Local Administration of Federal Immigration Policies: A Comparative Analysis of Arkansas's Participation in 287(g) and Secure Communities," pp. 1-24.

Maslin, Kimberly. 2014. "Mobilizing the Mob in Rwanda: The Un-Trivial Contest," pp. 25-52.

Rodriguez, Robert G. 2014. "Re-Assessing the Rise of the Latin American Left," pp. 53-80.

Thomas, G. Dale. 2014.  "Uncertainty as a Condition for Change: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict," pp. 81-104.

Reese, Catherine C. and Patrick Hilson. 2014. "Media Coverage of Tobacco Settlement Expenditure in Two States," pp. 105-123.


Volume 14, 2013:

Sullivan, Mary Beth. 2013. "Political Science and Paradigms in Medieval Europe," pp. 1-18.

Vanderleeuw, James and Thomas Sowers. 2013. "The Impact of City Socioeconomic Context on the Economic Development Priorities of City Leaders," pp. 19-44.

Rudloff, Peter. 2013. "Offensive Realism, Defensive Realism, and the Role of Constraints," pp. 45-77.

Dixon, Gregory. 2013. "The Forgotten Disputes: Anti-Dumping and Trade Conflict at the WTO," pp. 79-101.

Mullenbach, Mark J. 2013. "Third-Party Peacekeeping in Intrastate Disputes, 1945-2012: A New Data Set," pp, 103-133.


Volume 13 (2), 2012:

Thomason, Steven. 2012. "Law, Philosophy, and Civil Disobedience: The Law's Speech in Plato's Crito," pp. 1-20.

Whistler, Donald E. and Mark C. Ellickson. 2012. "The Congruence of Legislative Decision-Making Styles Among 21st Century Women and Men State Legislators," pp. 21-46.

Yoder, Michael S. 2012. "Entrepreneurial Governance and Economic Development in Micropolitan Cities of Arkansas," pp. 47-80.

Reese, Catherine C., Christy Hewitt-Mann, and Valerie Hawkins. 2012. "Have Our Settlement Funds Gone Up In Smoke? The Master Settlement, Use of Referenda and Tobacco Growing Status Ten Years After: A Four-State Comparison," pp. 81-104.

Savage, Daniel and Jeonghun Min. 2012. "Poverty, Populism, and Party Identification in Eastern Oklahoma," pp. 105-130.


Volume 13 (1), 2012:

Section I:  The Growing Concern Over Civic Education

Rogers, Michael T. 2012. "A Civic Education Crisis," pp. 1-36.

Maranto, Robert. 2012. "Just the Facts Ma'am (and a Few Stories): What We Need in Civic Education," pp. 37-52.

Section II:  Regional Assessments of Civic Education

Gooch, Donald M. and Michael T. Rogers. 2012. "A Natural Disaster of Civic Proportions: College Students in the Natural State Falls Short of the Naturalization Benchmark," pp. 53-82.

Warner, Barbara and Karen Sebold. 2012. "Coordination of Civics Education at Two- and Four-Year Higher Education Institutions in the State of Arkansas," pp. 83-100.

Section III:  Visions of a Reformed Formalized Civic Education

Ash, Jennifer A. and Patrick A. Stewart. 2012. "The U.S. Citizenship Test as a High School Exit Exam: Arkansas Attitudes," pp. 101-110.

Stotsky, Sandra. 2012. "How Common Core's Reading Standards May Improve Civic Literacy in Arkansas," pp. 111-132.

Section IV:  Civic Education Best Practices

Yawn, Mike. 2012. "Citizen Academies: Promoting Civic Education, Civic Engagement, and Social Capital," pp. 133-156.

English, Art. 2012. "In Their Own Words: Norms of Civic Engagement in a Political Science Internship Program," pp. 157-176.

Howard, Joseph Y. and Keith A. Nitta. 2012. "Helping Students Become Civically Engaged Through Service Learning Courses," pp. 177-185.


Volume 12, 2011:

Wrobel, Sharon L. and Joseph Y. Howard. 2011. "No Child Left Behind: Perceptions and Challenges for Rural Arkansas Educators," pp. 1-20.

Castle, David S. 2011. "Legislative Reform in the South, 1970-2010," pp. 21-42.

Ketcher, Linda K., Brinck Kerr, Will Miller, and Valerie Hunt. 2011. "The Determinants of Child Abuse and Neglect Among American Indians and Alaska Natives Across States and Over Time: Does Policy Matter?," pp. 43-68.

Hamilton, Leah. 2011. "An Exploratory Investigation of Foster Parent Retention in Arkansas," pp. 69-86.

Baumgartner, Jody C. and Jonathan S. Morris. 2011. "Research Note: The 2008 Presidential Primaries and Differential Effects of the 'Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report' on Young Adults," pp. 87-102.


Volume 11, 2010:

Kumar, Sujith. 2010. "The Hierarchical Conception of Self in On Liberty," pp. 1-18.

Drummond, Andrew J. 2010. "Assessing the 2009 German Federal Elections: How the SPD's Failure to Coordinate the Left Put the Right in Power," pp. 19-38.

Vander Valk, Frank. 2010. "Sophocles' Philoctetes and the Construction of Political Identity," pp. 39-58.

Mbaye, Heather A. D. 2010. "Political Decisions and Management Dilemmas Facing National and Local Officials in Complying with European Union Policies," pp. 59-82.

Khan, Haroon. 2010. "Nixon's Decision to Send the Enterprise during the India-Pakistani Conflict over Bangladesh: A Zero Sum Game?," pp. 83-100.


Volume 10, 2009:

Jordan, Meagan M. and Kim U. Hoffman. 2009. "The Revenue Impact of State Legislative Supermajority Voting Requirements," pp. 1-16.

Scott, James M. and Ryan Hendrickson. 2009. "The Out of Iraq Caucus and Congressional Foreign Policy Assertiveness," pp. 17-40.

Giammo, Joseph D. 2009. "The Use of Campaign E-Mails by First and Second Tier Candidates in Presidential Primaries," pp. 41-62.

Mbaye, Heather A. D. 2009. "Assessing Competing Explanations for Compliance and Non-Compliance with European Union Policies," pp. 63-82.

Brennan, Kevin L. 2009. "Modernization and Cultural Change in China: Links to the 2008 Summer Olympics," pp. 83-102.

Tiruneh, Gizachew. 2009. "Determinants of Adult HIV/AIDS Prevalence in Africa: Do Cultural Variations Matter?" pp. 103-124.


Volume 9, 2007/2008:

Dowdle, Andrew J. and Gary D. Wekkin. 2007/2008. "Moral Values and Candidate Effects in Arkansas Elections, 2000-2004," pp. 1-18.

Ishiyama, John, Kathryn Sanders, and Marijke Breuning. 2007/2008. "Foreign Aid and Democratization in Post-Conflict Societies," pp. 19-34.

Guzzardi, Jose E. and Mark J. Mullenbach. 2007/2008. "The Politics of Seeking a Permanent Seat on the United Nations Security Council: An Analysis of the Case of Japan," pp. 35-74.

Mendez, Jeanette M. 2007/2008. "Where's the Party? A Cross-Country Comparison of Agenda-Setting Effects and the Role of Party Identification," pp. 75-94.

Lowther, Adam B. 2007/2008. "Terrorism and the Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat to the United States," pp. 95-118.

Wekkin, Gary D. and Donald E. Whistler. 2007/2008. "A Causal Analysis of the Political Socialization of Arkansas Female and Male High School Seniors," pp. 119-144.


Volume 8, 2006:

Felix, Holly and Will Miller. 2006. "Sources of Information for Health Policy and Information Format Preferences," pp. 1-10.

Moore, Louella. 2006. "Bond Financing and Economic Development: The Arkansas Legacy of Default," pp. 11-26.

Rogers, Ken. 2006. "Radioactive Waste Storage/Disposal Policy: A Paradigm for Homeland Security and Energy Security," pp. 27-42.

Reed, Doug and Trey Berry. 2006. "Protecting the Past: A Comparative Study of the Antiquities Laws in the Mid-South," pp. 43-54.

English, Art. 2006. "The Political Styles of Bumpers and Pryor: Models of Representation for Arkansas," pp. 55-76.

Hoffman, Kim U. 2006. "Legislative Fiscal Analysis: Roles in Legislative Budget Development and Relationships with State Budget Directors," pp. 77-95.


Volume 7, 2003:

Baker, William D. 2003. "The Dog That Won't Wag:  The Diversionary Theory of War and Presidential Uses of Military Force," pp. 1-21.

Anda, Michael O. and Lawrence Okere. 2003. "Regional Cooperation in West Africa, 1960-2003," pp. 23-40.

Kerr, Brink. 2003. "Does Spending on Schools Matter? The Determinants of Public School Performance in the State of Arkansas," pp. 41-54.

Fife, Brian. 2003. "American Political Parties, Political Culture, and Presidential Elections 1972-2000," pp. 55-84.


Volume 6, 2002:

Steelman, Aaron. 2002. "The Impact of Term Limits on the Arkansas General Assembly: Legislator's Perceptions of the 1999-2000 Session", pp. 1-22.

Baker, William D. 2002. "All the World's a Stage: The Effects of Treaty Signings and Foreign Travel on Presidential Approval", pp. 23-40.

McInnis, Tom. 2002. "The Warren Court and the Fourth Amendment: Weakening Constitutional Protections", pp. 41-60.

Rehm, Barney. 2002. "Free Market Democracy: Opportunity, Choice, & Representation for Every Group and Every Voter", pp. 61-77.


Volume 5, 2001:

Schreckhise, William D., Janine A. Parry, and Todd G. Shield. 2001. "Rising Republicanism in the Arkansas Electorate? A Characterization of Arkansas' Political Attitudes and Participation Rates," pp. 1-19.

Wekkin, Gary D. and Donald E. Whistler. 2001. "History, Political Culture and Constitutional Reform in Arkansas," pp. 20-38.

Ellickson, Mark C. and Donald E. Whistler. 2001. "Representation in Professional and Citizen State Legislatures," pp. 39-60.

Parry, Janine A. and William D. Schreckhise. 2001. "Political Culture, Political Attitudes and Aggregated Demographic Affects: Regionalism and Political Ideology in Arkansas," pp. 61-75.


Volume 4, 2000:

Baker, William D. 2000. "Foreign Policy Attitudes in the 1992 Presidential Election," pp. 1-12.

Isanhart, Leia. 2000. "Kenyan Culture and Development: Re-Evaluating the Effects of Achievement Motivation on Economic Growth," pp. 13-44.

Rogers, Angela L. and Kenneth A. Rogers. 2000. "A Government of the People, For the People, and By the Electoral College," pp. 45-70.


Volume 3, 1999:

Gitz, Bradley R. 1999. "Explaining Gorbachev and the Soviet Collapse," pp. 1-14.

Simmons, James R. 1999. "Freshman Class: Norms and Attitudes," pp. 15-39.

Longstreth, Molly, William Miller, and M. Jean Turner. 1999. "Private Communities Go Public: Issues of Governance and Public Finance," pp. 41-60.

Khan, Haroon, 1999. "Comparison of Presidential Support Among Freshmen and Non-Freshmen," pp. 61-72.


Volume 2, 1998:

Kerr, Brinck. 1998. "Equilibria and the Decline of Party Voting in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1877-1990," pp. 1-18.

King, Ian T. 1998. "Complexity, Chaos, and Holism: the 'Scientific' Roots of a Post-Positivistic Social Science in the Twenty-First Century," pp. 19-36.

Passe-Smith, John T. 1998. "Economic Penetration and Mexican National Identity: Comparing Frontier and Interior Attitudes," pp. 37-60.

Rogers, Kenneth A. and Donna L. Rogers. 1998. "The Politics of Long-term Highly Radioactive Waste Disposal," pp. 61-72.

Williams, Robert W. 1998. "Hegemony and Resistance: Toward a Research Agenda for Cultural Politics," pp. 73-94.

Book Review:  Philip C. Aka, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, 1998. [Michael O. Anda, editor. Africa in the New World Order. 1996.]


Volume 1, 1997:

Barth, Jay. 1997. "Paper Ballots, Computers and Everything Else in Between," pp. 1-12.

Ellickson, Mark C. and Donald E. Whistler. 1997. "Legislative Effectiveness in the Arkansas General Assembly," pp. 13-28.

Gitz, Bradley R. 1997. "Democracy and War: An Alternative Approach," pp. 29-46.

Goidel, Robert K. and Todd G. Shields. 1997. "Partisan Differences and Candidate Mobilization Efforts in Midterm House Elections," pp. 47-57.

Harding, David R. and David Levenbach. 1997. "Arkansas Regionalism and the Indirect Effects of Culture," pp. 58-72.

Khan, Haroon A. 1997. "Personnel Management under President Ford," pp. 73-81.

Lasiter, Jeremy C. and Kenneth A. Rogers. 1997. "The Effectiveness of Political Linkage as an Instrument of Diplomatic Power," pp. 82-99.