Affiliated Faculty

Diana Pounder, Professor and Dean of the College of Education

Pounder, D.G. (Oct 2012).  School leadership preparation and practice survey instruments and their uses.  Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 7 (2), 252-272.  Full-text electronic access:

Pounder, D.G (2011). Leader preparation:  Implications for policy, practice, and research.  Educational Administration Quarterly Special Issue on Leader Preparation, 47(1), 258-267.


Nancy Gallavan, Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning

Gallavan, N. P., & Bowles, F. A. (2012). Learning, living, earning, giving: School/community gardening with young learners. Social Studies and the Young Learner, 24(3), 13-16.

Gallavan, N. P., & Kottler, E. (2012). Advancing social studies learning for the 21st century with divergent thinking. The Social Studies, 103(4), 165-170.

Gallavan, N. P., Webster-Smith, A., & Dean, S. (2012). Connecting content, context, and communication in a sixth-grade social studies class through political cartoons. The Social Studies, 103(1), 1-4.


Michael Hargis, Interim Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Management, College of Business

Hargis, M.B., Kortba, L.M., Zhandova, L., & Baltes, B.B.  (2011).  What is Really Important: Examining the Relative Importance of Antecedents to Work-Family Conflict.  Journal of Managerial Issues, 23, 386-408.

Hargis, M.B., Watt, J.D., & Piotrowski, C. (2011).  Developing Leaders: Examining the Role of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Across Business Contexts.  Organizational Development Journal, 29, 51-66.

Hargis, M.B., & Bradley, D.B., III (2011).  Strategic Human Resource Management in Small and Growing Firms: Aligning Valuable Resources.  Academy of Strategic Management Journal, 10, 105-126.

Shao, P., Resick, C.J., & Hargis, M.B.  (2011).  Helping and Harming Others in the Workplace: The Roles of Personal Values and Abusive Supervision.  Human Relations, 64, 1051-1078.


J.J. McIntyre, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication

McIntyre, J. J., Spence, P. R., & Lachlan, K. A. (2012). Attending the future: The role of learning in emergency response. Journal of Emergency Management, 10, 41-52. doi:10.5055/jem.2012.0085

Spence, P. R., McIntyre, J. J. Lachlan, K. A., Savage, M. E., & Seeger, M.W. (2011). Does local radio meet the public interest? Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, 19, 227-232. doi:10.1111/j.1468-5973.2011.00650.x

McIntyre, J. J., Spence, P. R., & Lachlan, K. A. (2011). Media use and gender differences in negative psychological responses to a university shooting. Journal of School Violence, 10(3), 299-313.


Angela Webster-Smith, Shelly Albritton, and Patty Kohler-Evans wrote Meaningful Conversations: The Way to Comprehensive Transformative and School Improvement. The book, published by Rowman-Littlefield, was released in July, 2012. They also wrote a book chapter entitled Meaningful Conversations: Coaching to Transform the Heart, Head, and Hands of Teaching and Learning, which was published in Pathways to Transformation: Learning in Relationship, edited by Carrie Boden McGill and Sola Kippers, and published by Information Age Publishing, Inc. The book was released summer, 2012.


Tim Atkinson, Assistant Provost and Director of Sponsored Programs, Assistant Professor, Department of Leadership Studies

Atkinson, T.N. & Butler, J.W. (2012). From regulation to virtue: A critique of ethical formalism in research organizations. Journal of Research Administration, 43(1), 17-32.

Atkinson, T.N. & Pilgreen, T. (2011).  Adopting the transformational leadership perspective in a complex research environment. Research Management Review, 18(1), 42-63.